Do you remember the first time your Mom or Dad cussed?

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I vividly recall my former Bethelite father curse when I was about twelve. The first I heard him curse. Being born-in, cursing was not a breach of etiquette but a certain trip to the ravages of Armageddon. We lived near a very bad urban ghetto. He loved going in to Manhattan b/c of his years at Brooklyn. We had scary adventures, major disputes with gun toting neighbors, etc. Never a curse.

    During a routine trip to the grocery store, a long walk b/c we could not afford a car, he said "S....." about some spoiled fruit. He never regained his stature in my mind. His lectures and beatings about the WTS were not so potent b/c I knew a good Christian never curses. When the lions meet you to eat you, no cursing! It was one short burst and I never heard another curse word. But the Witnesses demand total perfection in humans. Perfection as in never doing anything wrong, even inadvertently. I later found that perfection in scripture means complete. Older English Books of Common Prayer use perfect rather than complete as a style matter.

    This sort of funny q. reveals much about being a Witness. These stories are comical and sad at the same time. We were raised in Prude Central. Forget about your inner heart or actions. Look in the mirror as you read all the negative comments the NT uses to describe Pharisees. When I read about the actual Pharisees rather than the Jewish/Christian schism, Jesus is so much like one. He dined with them socially.

  • outsmartthesystem

    Openmind - that was priceless! My dad was very much like the dad on Christmas Story. He swore all the time!

  • TotallyADD

    Thats all my parent knew what to do was cuss. GD this and Shit that or JC what are you talking about. But at the hall or around other JW not a cuss word. Funny thing was my dad was one of the most respected elders in the hall. But I knew better. Totally ADD

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    May I ask for an add'l observation? How did you feel about your elder father and the cursing? Did it diminish his credibility in your child's eyes or did you respect him so much that it was a minor flaw. Looking back now, my reaction to the curse was ridculous. Maybe it was my first acknowledgement that my father was not all powerful and perfect.

  • exwhyzee

    My non JW Dad never cussed or told off color jokes like we heard at the meetings, that all worldly people did. He did chuckle to himself whenever someone else did though.

    My elegant European ZaZa Gabor like Mom would say things like "Oh Sugar" or use the word "Blinkin" instead of swearing. "Oh look what I've done....I'll never get this blinkin thing finished in time"

    Often she'd use the wrong phrase when speaking to Americans. One time as teenagers we kids were all in the kitchen while she was on the phone with one of her JW friends who was discouraged about her rebellious teen aged daughter. Instead of saying" Well Mary...try and keep your chin up" Mom said... "Well Mary....try and keep your PECKER UP" We all burst out laughing....milk coming out of our noses etc....We had no idea Mom would even know this word let alone use it on the phone with a Witness...especially a with sister who didn't even have one to keep up. She was pretty embarrased when we told her what it meant. Years later that sister would say" remember when your Mother told me to keep my "you know what" up?"

  • blondie

    The day I was born they got into a fight at the hospital...not about me. Family member told me. Even telling my mother, the jw, that it was a bad witness in public, did not stop her.

    My parents fought every day.............

  • factfinder

    No- I can't remember that. My memory is going, but I'm sure my parents tried not to curse around us kids.

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    I sure do. I was shocked to say the least. I was little still and clearly remembering the taste of Ivory soap for saying words I heard at school, but didnt understand.

    That's all I thought , 'Hey, were's the soap? it's your turn now.' LOL

    Gotta love them, at least it wasnt hot sause. Ouchiewawa...Cal Tjader in the background.. { i make joke}

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