Do you remember the first time your Mom or Dad cussed?

by Open mind 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I do.

    How about you?


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    OK, here's the story of the first time I heard my Elder Dad cuss.

    I was about 10 years old and our JW family of 5, plus an elderly JW relative, were all crammed in the car and driving across town to the Thursday night School & Service Mtng. It was a warm summer night and we were running late, as usual. A very familiar, unpleasant smell began to tickle our nostrils. Just before hopping in the car, one of us had inadvertently activated a very potent canine land mine. My tired-from-work, stressed-out-over-a-meeting-part Dad, was particularly animated in voicing his displeasure over this rude olfactory assault. The smell got so bad that, even though we were already going to miss the opening prayer (horrors!), Dad pulled over so that the culprit could be identified and the front lawn of an auto repair shop could be put to good use in removing the malodorous mousse.

    What a sight we must have been. Six cult members in our nerd uniforms all standing on the lawn of the car repair shop and looking under our shoes. One of my brothers said he thought it "might" have been him.

    Dad: "Did you get it ALL off?"

    Brother: "Yeah."

    We all pile back in and the smell is right back at us.

    Dad looks down at the inside of his right shoe.....


    All jaws dropped as those words were indelibly etched onto my 10-year-old memory.

    My God-like Dad became just a little bit more human that night.

    Good times.


  • Berengaria

    Oh dear, I am now unwilling to relate my fathers favorite curse. Can't remember the first time I heard it, I was too young.

  • dm6

    No, i dont. Probably because they cuss all the time.

    They act all upper class going out for dinners and so on, but when they home they cant wait to get in to some comfy clothes and put the fucking TV on.

  • flipper

    OPEN MIND- My JW elder dad never cussed. I don't even think he said " Damn " one time as I grew up. LOL ! But my mom would get annoyed somewhat more occasionally. She was definitely more human and engagingly funny. I was about 10 years old as well when she said " dammit ! " or she'd say " hell's bell's " when frustrated. But that's about it . It didn't affect me at all as I was used to hearing cuss words at school all day.

    I occasionally let loose with an f-bomb and implement swear words into my ever expanding vocabulary. I try to use them when it counts to make a emphatic point. But it's not like I use them every other word I speak. I've totally lost any guilt I ever had about swear words as a JW. I'm careful not to use them around my mid 80's JW older parents just so it doesn't freak them out

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I was two when my dad screamed at my mom and threw a basket of laundry across the room.

    Scary shit.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Thanks beks and dm6 for your perspectives.

    Flipper, my folks were the mirror image of yours. My Dad would occasionally let a "shit" or "damn" fly after the night of the canine land mine. My elderly JW mom however, has NEVER uttered a cuss word in my presence. I wonder if she's ever said one. She's pretty guilt-driven, so I wouldn't be surprised if she never has.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    So White Dove, do you remember the actual "naughty words" uttered?


  • moshe

    I never heard my dad or mom cuss. No hell, no damn- nothing- if they did cuss, it was when us kids weren't around.

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    My non JW dad would use the letters BS and GD but never the words themselves in front of us kids. We weren't allowed to say "shut-up" when we were kids. However when I married my raised-in-the-cult JW husband I learned cuss words from him and his elder father I'd not heard before.

    Reopened Mind

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