JEHU Champions Pure Worship - Watchtower 11/15/2011

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  • journey-on

    They're running scared. They must be losing people by the droves. If they think articles like this are going to put a tighter hold on them, I would bet it will have just the opposite effect.

  • Pistoff

    Well, Jehu works well for them.

    Much better than Paul, the architect of Christianity.

    When some disagreed with him (Demas?), he let them alone, and said God would deal with them.

    Hard to use Paul's laid back approach to back up their practice of kicking young kids to the curb for necking and petting.

    I wonder why they don't use that kind of imagery regarding pedophiles?

    Is there sympathy on the GB for pedophiles??

  • metatron

    The Bible account about Jehu is hilarious but the Watchtower doesn't get the joke. The people in the account are utterly insincere and speaking out of both sides of their mouth (like C.O .'s and the GB).

    Jehu righteous? God, you've got to be kidding. Jehu was a naked opportunist who seized power. He slaughtered the sons of Ahab because they were a threat to his kingdom as heirs of the King. The soldiers asked about Elisha's anointing - and spoke of him as some sort of itinerant nutcase - until they found out Jehu was appointed as king.

    Jehu was likely part of a nationalist movement that slammed Ahab and his 'foreign' wife and influences. He represented the army, not different from any third world country today. Opportunity knocks. He might as well be Colonel Kaddafi ranting about 'colonial powers'.

    Jezebel's courtiers were hilarious. Jehu (ruthless leader of the army) asks 'who is with me?' in response to Jezebels stupid remark. The court officials quickly reason ...' Unarmed B*tchy Queen vs Effective Mass Killer' ...... uh... who do we go with? (and gravity helps)

    So, Jehu tolerated idolatry? No sh*t, Sherlock! He was Looking Out For Number Uno. What's not to understand?


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    They are desperate. The Internet must seem like crucifixion. The first I heard of JW apostates was when Regis Philbin first started his local NY show. They were not glamorous. I miss the type of guests he used to have before Disney. One day several apostates were on. They were not ranting. The New York Times gave them coverage on B1. The City Section. They were picketing Bethel. I only saw about seven members. I telephoned the NYT and the reporter gave me their contact info.

    I was ill and could not come out and play. Somehow it never occurred to me to use the Internet to get in touch with a community. I definitely did not want off shoot of the Wt with just diff. weird numbers. Reading the discussion page in wikipedia landed me here. Googling-voila. Before you met others through accident or how ever many degrees of separation. Quel difference!

    Education is their biggest fear. Forget formal schools or libraries. Google.

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