JW Castigates Christendom Missionaries

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  • PSacramento
    Even Jesus and his Dirty Dozen kept a poor box. Not to mention the whole feeding the crowds fish n' chips thing.

    I oten wonder if he made the fish without bones...I mean, can you imagine someone choking on a bone and suing Jesus ?

  • punkofnice

    I regularly contribute to BMS world mission. They actually genuinely try to get the people off drugs and into productive work. This is their magnum focus.

    They are not doing it to obtain power and cash for the 7 headed beast of Brooklyn, the filthful indiscreet saliva cl-ar$e

  • hamsterbait

    The Church missionaries follow the Gospel "care for the poor and needy, look after the widows and orphans" This is the ACCEPTABLE from of worship according to the Bible.

    They pay to build a church and draw people to them by practical christianity.

    The Witlesses make converts then expect them to build their own church with their own money, or a loan they have to pay back with interest. if necessary (as in Solomon ISLANDS) THE SISTERS DIG FOUNDATIONS WITH THEIR BARE HANDS if they cannot afford shovels.

    Then they are discouraged from contributing to the community.


    Instead of setting up churches and expecting people to come to them,
    they call from house to house to find and teach those who are hungering and thirsting for righteousness.

    Then the WBT$ make them Build and Pay for their own Kingdom Hall..And..

    Buy WBT$ and Peddle WBT$ literature..

    In the End the WBT$ will suck every dime they can out of those people..

    Screw Housing,Clothing or Feeding them..

    The WBT$ isn`t running a Charity..

    .......................... OUTLAW

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