JW Castigates Christendom Missionaries

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  • mankkeli

    Christendom’s missionaries have established hospitals, refugee centers, and orphanages to care for people’s material needs. Casting themselves in the role of champions of poor people, they have also stirred up revolution and participated in guerrilla warfare. In contrast, missionary graduates of Gilead School teachpeopletheBible. Instead of setting up churches and expecting people to come to them, they call from house to house to find and teach those who are hungering and thirsting for righteousness.

    Adhering closely to God’s Word, Witness missionaries show people why the true and lasting solution to mankind’s problems is God’s Kingdom. (Matt. 24:14; Luke 4:43) The contrast between this work and that of Christendom’s missionaries was emphasized to Peter Vanderhaegen in 1951 when en route to his assignment in Indonesia. The only other passenger aboard the cargo ship was a Baptist missionary. Although Brother Vanderhaegen tried to talk to him about the good news of God’s Kingdom, the Baptist made it clear that his consuming interest was in supporting the efforts of Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan to return to power on the mainland. Jehovah’s witnesses proclaimers of God’s kingdom, pages 512.

    Do you think their line of reasoning is sound, please analyse.

  • Ding

    People who are starving would probably appreciate a meal more than a home WT study.

    Why doesn't the WT provide both?

  • garyneal

    I'm not at all for churches with political agendas, if there are missionaries out there with those agendas then it is little wonder why they are being 'persecuted' in those lands.

    I agree with Ding, why doesn't the WTS provide both? Maybe some individual witnesses and/or KH's do.

  • redhare67

    Taking care of the needy, is a mark of the true church!

  • sabastious

    Why can't the Witnesses provide spiritually AND materially for the underprivileged? Where in the Bible does it say it has to be either or?


  • zoiks

    In contrast, missionary graduates of Gilead School teachpeopletheBible.

    Wrong. They teach people Watchtower teachings for the sole purpose of making converts. If somebody wants to know more about the bible but shows no interest in Watchtower literature, the missionary will soon move on.

    This is in addition to the lack of any humanitarian missions aimed at improving the here and now of people's existence.

  • tenyearsafter

    I always found it interesting that before Jesus did anything else (such as teaching), he provided for the physical needs of the people. He healed, fed and comforted people...then he taught.

  • punkofnice

    Huh! Shows what they know then!

  • PSacramento

    Having actaully SEEN some of this missionary work I cna tell you that WT is, as usual, wrong.

    Missionary work is right from Matthew 25:

    Feed the hungry.

    Cloth and shelter those that have nothing

    Visit those in Jail and give them hope for change.

    Welcome those that are strangers.

    Extend love to those that have no love.

    I have seen the fruits of this and it is truly something magnifcient to behold.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Even Jesus and his Dirty Dozen kept a poor box. Not to mention the whole feeding the crowds fish n' chips thing.

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