Do most JW's belive their own private version of the religon?

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I think this exists in many religions. Many of the WT derision of Catholic practices were never sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church but were local folk practices from the indigenous cultures blended with Catholic teachings.

    Quantity of hours rather than quality of understanding is stressed. I love reading something and then meeting with others to share our interpretations. If I dsagrew with someone, I clarify why not believing their side is so important to me. Patterns emerge. I've been part of a culture where hard questions are worshipped so I ask or comment. So many times people will break in and say they wondered about the same thing but were afraid to ask. As I've said before, I don't believe college is about fact accumulation. Analyzing the data is the important part. Acknowleding the weaknesses in your position is also crucial.

    In order for rank and file members to understand WT theology, much more time would have to be spent in individual study. Not answering questions such as the WT prints, but real discussion. Mainline churches no longer do this unless someone is very interested. It is time intensive. All the rank and file must do is memorize scripts.

    I am Anglican and no church official believes your soul floats around in heaven when you die. Rather, they believe that God can reform you with a new body that is still you. This part is a bit messy. Most Americans believe your soul goes to heaven or hell. They say so to priests at funerals. The priest does not correct them. Something consoling is said. The priest does not agree with the person, but the person doesn't realize there is a difference. It may be discussed later but not during a funeral.

    The number of Witnesses who purchase concordances, encyclopedias, advanced study materials, etc. amazes me.

    In the pragmatic life of a KH congregation, knowing too much about Witness theology is only going to cause you trouble. An elder might be threatened. You may be correct but your life will not be pleasant.

  • wobble

    It is an interesting exercise to ask an active JW "What exactly is the Truth?".

    You will get a lot of garbled waffle, but keep slicing through it, and you soon come across areas where they are guilty of "independant thinking", don't point this out to them, or they will run a mile, but you immediately have an opening to expose their difference with the "Party Line", and may start them thinking, a difficult thing to do with people whose brains have been shut-down.

    Life in the Borg is a constant struggle with Cognitive Dissonance, so all Dubs have to try to rationalise their crazy religion with reality and common sense in their minds, not easy, but necessarily involves straying from WT teaching to some extent, an Achilles Heel.

  • garyneal
    Like the ones who think that in the 'new system we'll be able to fly to other planets!'

    LOL, I had to comment on this point you made Mr. Punk. I remember years back telling the wife of an elder how I thought NASA was not producing anything worthwhile in space travel and had lost its way. She quoted a scripture that said that 'Heaven and the heavens belonged to Jehovah, but the Earth He gave to man.' In other words, we have no right to go there.

    Fast forward a few months and this same sister stated that 'we don't know for sure whether or not there will be space travel in the New System TM .'

  • Violia

    Gary lol that space travel to other planets used to be my hubby's favorite wish for life in the new system.

    I know Jws right now that believe the David and Bathsheba story of the baby dieing due to their adultery is real and if someone commits adultery and a baby is conceived, it will die. If it does not die, then it was not conceived as the result of the adultery. ( convenient out) Or if you are committing a secret sin, your entire household is cursed. ( the same as secret sins causing no growth in the congo)

    Reminds me of the story in the OT where a woman is accused of adultery and some test is imposed on her. can you fill in the blank here? can't recall what it was but it was so stupid.

    There are jws that believe that OT stuff still applies to their life now.

    I knew a newbie jws couple that were stunned by the change in the ransom doctrine. She decided that the week that was to be taught to her Bible studies she'd turn it over to someone else. She refused to teach that. never thought of that , not bad idea.

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