Do most JW's belive their own private version of the religon?

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  • highdose

    Trying to work with JW's and their CD i notice that the harder i push their beliefs the more likely they are to hit back with some werid version of JW belives that exsists only in their own head.

    Its almost like they listen to the BS from the platform, run it through their head and then process it through their own filter and end up with a bastardised version of "the truth" that they feel comfortable with.

    Anyone else encountered this? And whats your theory about it?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I think you are describing my family.

    Under pressure, they will invent whatever it takes to fool the listener into thinking that they are kosher.

    A doctrinal discussion with them is like an episode of Faulty Towers.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    LOL Bla ck Sheep... I used to love Faulty Towers....hmmmm....maybe I'd like your family

  • Black Sheep
  • Eclectic

    That's true. I feel there is a gap between official doctrine and popular religion among JWs. For instance, during private conversations I could discover that mostly 90% don't think toast is pagan today, or masturbation is spiritually harmful or it can lead to homosexuality. Among youngsters the gap is larger: university is viewed as normal (most attend college in my area), marriage is only the passport to sex (more and more people getting married after some months of dating), beards can be seen around, assemblies and conventions are runways, etc...

    Do you feel the same where you live?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I see my ex and her new family and honestly, at times they come accross so hardcore,

    but then i see lots of real estate holdings, collecting vintage and rare cars for future investment, him with Uni education, no service privs in the congregation and i get the impression of keeping up appearances...


  • punkofnice

    There are those who have their own version of things. These thickies go on the pratform at the Kingdum Hell spouting their own personal insane postualtions whilst smiling, nodding, making audience eye contact and trying to convince the 'mind cleansed' he is right by saying: 'Isn't it?', 'that's true isn't it?' 'Obviously it makes sense'.

    Like the ones who think that in the 'new system we'll be able to fly to other planets!'

    Oh, boy......*SIGH*

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I think it also depends on what era you grew up in/became a JW. Each decade seems to have its own set of doctrine, depending on "new light"

    So, depending on when you were paying attention the most, your core beliefs will be from that era.

    Factor in also general society's mores and conventions, and each generation will have a slightly different take on their beliefs.

  • designs

    Don't you think most religious people that with their Denominations.

  • highdose

    designs, no i don't agree. JW religon is very different in that the doctrine changes such alot

    Can you think of another religon that changes its mind so much? Other religons yeah you could switch off to without missing somthing vital

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