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    http://www.silentlambs.org/rickbrown.htmSilentlambs Alert!

    Please click on link for photo. I couldn't copy and paste it from the article below.

    Inmate Photo, ID#55989

    On different occasions Silentlambs has reported that child molesters are encouraged to go door to door to the unsuspecting public. We have documented cases where JW pedophiles have started Bible Studies with families and then molested their children. In 1992 a panel from the Awake writing department made three recommendations in a fifty page report documenting rampant pedophilia within the organization to the then acting Governing Body (leadership for Jehovah's Witnesses). Those three recommendations were;

    Child molesters should never be allowed to be appointed to leadership roles in the congregation.
    All cases of molestation immediately reported to the authorities.
    Child molesters should not be allowed to participate in the door to door ministry.

    Sadly almost twenty years later not one of these recommendations has fully to be enacted. We have documented internal letters allowing pedophiles to be reappointed to leadership roles, victims are still required to report to elders any case of molestation, and as documented below molesters continue to call at the homes of the unsuspecting public and hurt kids. For twenty years leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses have had thousands of reports of children being molested, paid millions of dollars of worldwide work donations to silence the victims, and purposely lied to members about the extent of this problem while maintaining a database of over 25,000 documented pedophiles within church home office records which in most cases have not been reported to authorities.

    The question that begs to be answer is what does this have to do with God? Will studying the Bible and giving away billions of pieces of literature compensate for the thousands of children violated by polices of this organization? Would a true God want people like this representing his name?

    Read the story below recently submitted to Silentlambs describing how the door to door policy of Jehovah's Witnesses puts children in danger. If you live in Poteau OK beware of this Jehovah's Witness listed below, calling at your door offering a free home Bible Study.

    Do not allow him in your home.


    "I have thought about whether or not to send you this information for a long time now, but I see that there is the need to do so.'

    "I am not a baptized member of the Jehovah's Witnesses, but had been doing a home study with them and my two children, about two years ago. My daughter at the time was 13, my son was 15. The nice couple that had been coming to our home to study had to leave for an extended time, so they send someone new to study with us. The person they sent was Rick Brown, we thought he seemed very nice, but he keep wanting us to bring the kids over to his trailer, for the day or even overnight, so that my husband and I could have a break away from the kids. We declined his offers, but in his following visits he started to make comments toward my daughter that seemed off to me. Then the comments started to get creepy! After he left I got online to the sex offender list and, well there he was! I contacted the kingdom hall and told them the whole story, they told me it would be dealt with. Now I see he is out going door to door."

    "His name is Rick Brown, he is in the Poteau, Oklahoma congregation here is a link to his sex offender list page;


    "I'm sorry to be anonymous us, but I am somewhat new to this area, and it is a very small town.. I hope you check into this, and maybe you can stop him from re-offending."



    Ricky R Brown

    Inmate Photo, ID#55989

    image 1 of 8 Next



    no known aliases

    Offender IDs



    Date of Birth:


    Sex Offender Registration



    Start Date:


    End Date:









    White Male; age 59; 6 ft. 4 in. tall; 338 pounds; Gray Or Partially Gray hair; Blue eyes

    Other Physical Identifiers

    no known marks

    Sex Offender Registration Offenses

    Lewd Or Indecent Proposals/Acts To Child
    CRF# 2000-1691. City: Tulsa. State: Oklahoma


    33239 Pleasant Valley Rd., Poteau, Oklahoma 74953 US. County: Le Flore. Begin Date: 08/09/2011
    Jurisdiction:&nbspLeflore County Sheriff's Office. Comments:&nbspper Offender

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    Inmate Photo ID#55989

  • the-illuminator81

    Shouldn't something like this be national news worthy? JWs are sending paedophiles to study the bible with you.. Make some buzz! If we make enough buzz no one will open their doors for the dubbies again.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Thanks for posting Jamie. I do agree this could cause a lot of trouble in the public domain, but how to do it without breaking the law? Not sure....maybe someone from Oklahoma or surrounding areas could find out the name of the local paper and forward the info?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    send in to the newspaper anonamously?

    somehow this sort of thing needs to hit the media bigtime...how long will the WT fly under the radar?


  • jamiebowers

    Sorry I haven't been on all day. My stepson was in a car accident, (he wasn't hurt, but his truck is probably totaled...poor kid, this was his first accident, and although the other driver was cited, he was very upset.) And on top of that I've been working to get a stray cat to friendly up to our family. My husband coaxed him into being held, and we're keeping him in a big dog crate on our enclosed porch until we can get his shots tomorrow and neutering on Monday.

    Anway, I'll contact Bill Bowen to see if he's contacted any news outlets about this. If he didn't, I suspect it's because the accuser wanted to remain anonymous.

  • ziddina

    Thanks for posting this, Jamie...

    [hope the cat adoption works out for you! I know that little kitty will have a good home!!]

  • sizemik
    send in to the newspaper anonamously?


  • isojourn
    send in to the newspaper anonamously?

    Done AND done...

  • ziddina

    Man, that guy's a big chunk of slab...

    Six feet four? 338 Pounds??? He could sure intimidate a LOT of people... Imagine any poor little kid, up against HIM...

    I'll bet he's intimidated the elders, too...

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