What Changed? I Did. You Did. (or, there is a reason Apostates are angry)

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  • jaguarbass

    I'm going to be angry at the Tower till the day I die.

    They touched the quality of my life right to the grave.

    Some days are better than others.

    But I'd love to see the tower fall.

    I know anger leads to suffering, so I enjoy it only occasionally in small doses.

  • bnybyt

    Reading CoC where the Malawi / Mexico information is exposed really did a number on me to open my eyes and it was a sort of epiphany. I did feel angry at the WTS after reading the truth of what was going on then.

    Nothing else in CoC made me more angry, though, than the life story of Ed Dunlap and how he was treated. Especially the uncaring attitude of Knorr when Ed Dunlap had a nerve problem requiring surgery, that was so painful and yet they sent him to work where it would act up the worst. That was real abuse. The hierarchy of the WTS are truly exposed for the uncaring task masters they've been over the decades.

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    WRATH and its close cousin ANGER

    1. ANGER - (Greek, "orge")

    a. "Indignation which has arisen gradually and become more settled" - THAYER
    b. "ORGE suggests a more settled or abiding condition of mind, frequently with a view to taking revenge" - VINE

    c. Anger, then, is a lingering, seething emotion

    2. WRATH - (Greek, "thumos")

    a. "The sudden outburst of passionate anger" - ZONDERVAN PICTORIAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BIBLE
    b. "The blaze of temper which flares into violent words and deeds, and just as quickly dies" - BARCLAY

    c. Today we would call this "blowing off steam"


    AK - Jeff I read though your post earlier and missed how well written and insightful it was. I just read it again three times.

    I guess we all hide behind our armour and pretend we are tougher than we really are. We come here because we can never forget. For me, what I miss most is how much I loved so many of the people I shared a hope for the future with.

    I will never love that way again.

  • Intel

    AllTimeJeff: very good thoughts!

    This is another of those tricks the GB has up their sleeves. I was very, very stressed not to show any signs of anger, because of that exact statement. My wife and others started to use that against my new thought process ("You will become angry, unhappy and irritated apostate") Because I didn't wanted to "play into their hands" and make their "little prophecy" come true, I avoided anger at all costs.....reasoning and smiling.

    Then I realized (epiphany!) one thing: To HELL with that statement! This is another form of control over ME and MY emotions. If I want to be angry, so be it. I can be as happy and as angry as I WANT! I don't care anymore what they think.

    That is when I started to show my real emotions and it was damn relieving! My wife called my an "angry, bitter person"....and I've told her that I have reasons to feel that way - sometimes - at other times I'm a happy, relieved person, at other times I am just serene and thoughtful....finally:

    "I am just a human that made some experiencies with other humans that think god uses them for some Mission Impossible and some of those experiences where good others where utterly sh&%$ and my emotions change, because that is what humans do - brain chemicals and brain electricity do these things." - I don't think too much about it anymore.

    57 days out of the Borg.......and going

  • flipper

    ALL TIME JEFF- Indeed we've all changed to some extent exiting the Jehovah's Witness cult. But for the most part it's been a change for the better ! We all have freedom of mind now if we so desire to use that freedom. It's normal to have anger towards the WT society as they used, manipulated , and tried controlling EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY that was precious in our lives. So it takes different people a different amount of time to lessen their anger.

    What has helped me overcome the anger was reading Steve Hassan's books on mind control to understand HOW I was manipulated and controlled. Now I know- I won't let it happen again. And by getting busy in a proactive way trying to assist other inactive JW's to exit the organization - I find a lot of fulfillment and happiness in that activity to try to help exiting JW's see how to move on in life. To free some minds that were locked up. That there IS life AFTER the cult. In my opinion if we all try to help each other in THAT way - it assists in the healing as well.

    And as you said, some may need professional therapy with counseling , and I highly recommend that as well to get over the anger. But the great thing is we CAN be happy once we move on post - JW life

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx Gladiator.


  • Giordano

    Getting angry sure But there are things I should remember to thank them for.

    Thank you WT for driving me to drink....I have enjoyed my Martini each evening followed by a nice wine and I never think about you while i drink.

    Thank you for encouraging me to become a reader by Showing me the difference between your wretched publications and those with well thought out critical thinking such as a great post on this forum compared of the utter stupidity of your WT publications.

    Thank you WT for your kingdom hall music which is to music as .............................well nothing. WT I endured your music for years before discovering how great jazz really is, and classical music and............. Rock. Thanks.

    Thanks for not encourageing higher education, my kids didn't have to compete with your kids for a good job.

    Because of you I have learned to sit still when I attend a JW family members funeral. I have even learned to look interested at such events. Not because of your words...... my interested expression is how you morons get away with your crap.

    I'd love to continue but it's martini time on the east coast.

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