For those of you who are disfellowshipped!

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  • TimothyT

    How do you respond when you walk past a JW or bump into a close JW friend who broke of contact with you?

    I remember when one brother was disfellowshipped, he himself honoured the arrangement and walked past the brothers with his eyes fixed to the floor.

    Im going to be disfellowshipped in 8 days, so i just thought id ask you all.

    Personaly, im going to be kind and cheery as i always tried to be with people.

    Timmy xxx

  • pbrow

    I have been out for a year now and all the dubs keep their eyes to the floor when they pass me. I treat them no different. They simply look guilty when they pass me by. They cant even keep their chin up. They look to the floor because deep down they are ashamed.

    Do not honour the arrangement bro!! Dont play by the rules that they set up. Be a Christian(if thats your thing) and be friendly any time you pass one by. In fact I would say get a letter of dissasociation in before they df announcement happens. Screw their back room trial of you. Severing ties YOURSELF from an organization that you in fact did join, is the only way to get out in my opinion.

    Good luck on whatever you decide.


  • dm6

    Well Done Timmy for standing up to the evil controlling Botchedtower, and being yourself.

    Theres no wrong in being yourself, and for them to disfellow and shun you and others, just for being who you are as a person is absolutely disgusting.

    The Crotchtower and their evil Kingdumb hells and their controlling ways telling you how you should be can finally go screw themselves! Being disfellowed will be the best thing that ever happened to you!

    Sorry i cant give any advice on your topic, since i was a mere "indoctrination student" (that is, until i came to my senses)

    But had to say the above!


  • dm6

    Double post (ignore)

  • irondork

    pbrow: Be a Christian and be friendly any time you pass one by.

    I like this one. Put the burden of shunning on them. And it IS a burdon.

    I've been observing your progression (posts) through this mess. I'm proud of you kid. I wish I had my head screwed on as well as you seem to when I was your age. Instead, when they DF me for being gay, my life fell apart over it. It fell apart so bad that 15 years later I got myself reinstated only to find out the truth about the truth. That REALLY screwed me up.

    I'm glad you got it figured out at a young age so you can enjoy your life. I'm happy for you and I wish you the best.


  • dm6

    I like this one. Put the burden of shunning on them. And it IS a burdon.

    Nice on Jason, i like this line. Well said.

  • pbrow

    Hey dork,

    I agree with you. Hats off to timothy. I was so... asleep at that age. I hear different stories of kids as young as 14 who just said "screw this" I envy the strength they had/have at that age. I cannot imagine the struggle that you have to go through as a gay witness kid. That has to be tough. Not only are you struggling with all of the "normal" teenage things but then on top of it, who you are is not ok. You can only hope these asshats get there acts together and realize that we are not to do the judging! Love god, love your neighber as yourself. Jesus put it very plainly. You cant get more simple than that.

    freedom in christ,


  • Magwitch

    I have been DF'ed for 3 years now. I still talk to any JW I see. Usually this is not a problem. I was at my parent's house a couple of weeks ago and one of their elder friends stopped by. We shared a drink and some laughs. If no one sees them then they are usually okay with it. I went to the Memorial this year (thanks to my father giving me his cc to buy a new dress - a real guilt trip). I circulated, visiting with anyone I once knew. They probably thought I was in good standing. I am a social person - NO ONE IS GOING TO TELL ME I CANNOT TALK TO WHOMEVER I SO DESIRE.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Years past i excepted the shunning and eye contact avoidance

    these days i might be inclined to go right up and say

    "how are ya? my life is fucking fantastic, hows yours?


  • sizemik

    I don't even consider whether people are JW or non-JW anymore, unless they want me to know it for some reason.

    Consequently, I treat everyone the same by default . . . until they give me a reason not to . . . and their choice of religion isn't one of them.

    Much in the way you intend to Tim.

    Makes life much less complicated.

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