Got some Street Encounter Questions for JWs?

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  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    The GB claims not to be prophets, yet they prophesied that the End would come before 2000...Did the GB lie about being prophets, then?

    Is rape ever fornication?

  • Vanderhoven7


    "The GB claims not to be prophets, yet they prophesied that the End would come before 2000...Did the GB lie about being prophets, then?"

    Good question...but they have a ready reply..i.e "We never claimed 'Thus saith The Lord' inspiration."

    <<Is rape ever fornication?>>

    I'm not sure where you are going with this one.

  • Vanderhoven7

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    Pehaps if I heeded NCC's advice before asking a question or two that might put them on the defensive, they might stick around for a bit. :)

  • Vanderhoven7

    Fallen Princess

    I like your 1914 generational question. I'll add that to my list of possible questions for street encounters with JWs.

    How about...

    4. Is it true your organization taught that the 1914 generation was the final generation?

    - How is that possible when the youngest person who could understand the events of 1914 would be well over a hundred by now?

    - If the generation Jesus spoke about would "surely" not pass away, you think He would be talking about a thriving generation - no?

    - Can you explain what Jesus meant by "This generation" and show how Matthew or any other gospel writer employs a similar meaning?

  • MrMonroe

    1. If I studied with you guys and got baptised and became a JW and we became friends .... what would happen in a year or two if I decided I'd picked the wrong religion and wrote a letter of resignation and left? Would you still talk to me? If not, why not? In what way would that be different to joining a sports club or a Rotary club and deciding later you don't want to remain a member: do you think those clubs would ban every other member from talking to me?

    2. Where do JWs get their doctrines? Who decides them? If you think one of those doctrines is wrong or makes no sense, are you allowed to say so? If I got baptised and became a JW and decided I was one of the anointed and decided one of the doctrines was wrong, how could I get that doctrine changed? Because as a member of the faithful slave cass, I'd know that God was using me to reveal things.

    3. Is it true your religion has judicial committees that puts JWs on trial and can expel them and make sure no one is allowed to speak to them? See, I heard someone going through one of those trials isn't allowed to have representation and isn't allowed to record the trial, isn't allowed to know what evidence is gathered before the trial .... and when a judgment is made no one in the congregation ever knows what the charge was, or the evidence was, they just know a person was found guilty of something and they're never allowed to talk to them again. Does that sound wrong?

    4. A friend of mine was in a religion and then examined its real teachings and decided it didn't match what the Bible said. But they felt like they coudn't leave because there was so much poressure from their family, and they'd be punished. Do you think that's wrong? Do you think they should be allowed to leave? (JW answer: Of course!) See, that friend is a JW. So you agree that's wrong for family to put pressure on someone to stay in a religion even when they know it's wrong?

    5. Would you still be witnessing as much if the Governing Body decided you didn't have to put in field service reports?

  • Vanderhoven7

    Here is another one I thought could be improved upon:

    5... Is it true that Jehovah's Witnesses are required to shun disfellowshipped family members who no longer believe that your organization is directed by God?

      - Should anyone have to choose between their family and their religion?

      - What does shunning involve?

    Edit: Oops, hadn't seen your post Monroe

    Wow, some of your questions are priceless.

  • corpusdei

    I personally enjoy trotting out some of the more entertaining atrocities in the Old Testament and trying to get them to reconcile those actions with their idea of the "loving heavenly father".

    Scriptures like Numbers 31:7-18, in which Moses orders the slaughter of children (with the potential of child molestation with the verse "And preserve alive for yourselves all the little ones among the women who have not known the act of lying with a male"), or Hosea 13:16 in which it's promised that the children of Samaria "will be dashed to pieces, and their pregnant women themselves will be ripped up" can be very effective in making the Witnesses uncomfortable.

    Bonus points are awarded if you can get them to outright state that the slaughtering of children and pregnant women is morally justified because they were pagan unbelievers.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Here is another line of questioning OUTLAW suggested:

    Can you explain what theocratic warfare means to Jehovah Witnesses?

    - Does theocratic warfare entitle JWs to misrepresent the truth to persons they consider unworthy of truth?

    - So would you say JWs are trained to deceive people?

    - How can we know when Jehovah's Witnesses are actually telling the truth about their beliefs?

  • Fernando

    Great question WontLeave, and excellent thread Vanderhoven7!

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