Watchtower's view on gambling changed?

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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I was under the impression this had changed in the new (2010) Flock Book.

    Now 'petty gambling' is allowed so people can play Penny Bingo and such with no big stakes involved.


    Edited to add:

    The elders do well not to involve themselves
    in what individuals do with regard to petty gambling
    solely for entertainment. They may need to
    give counsel if this becomes a cause of stumbling for
    others or affects the spirituality of the individual or
    the congregation

    Chapter 5 Page 70 Flock Book

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Hey, Lost Gen, thanks for posting that! It's not everyday this question comes up, and where I live isn't exactly Vegas. To me that's silly that a person can't work in a Casino. I mean so long as they're not dealing, it shouldn't be an issue and personally speaking, even dealing should be left up to one's conscience. If someone can work at a corner store ringing up Doritos and Red Bulls, and the occasionally lottery player comes in, should the JW cashier not service them too? Or would they need to seek new employment? Should JWs who're employed by Verizon quit their jobs because when they hook up internet connections, many of their customers will use it view pornography? It's like, how far do you want to go with this?

    The worst part about it all is, those jackasses at the Branch and Bethel could give a rat's tail about anybody struggling to pay bills or anybody down and out. Not to mention, the GB and Writing Department roll the dice and gamble everytime they come up with new light on a matter, hoping it will make sense and hoping it will come to fulfillment. Then there's the fact that they have stocks in various companies, DIVERSIFIED stocks, which is gambling and making sure they've got backup stocks in case one fails. Buncha pricks.

  • BluesBrother

    No official change on gambling as far as I am aware.....

    Shepherd The Flock 2010 said that it was a "Judicial Matter" and note what they say about employment relating to gambling:

    "30. Greed-gambling, extortion: (I Cor. 5:10,

    11; 6:10; 1 Tim. 3:8; it-1 pp. 789, 1005-1006; w891/15

    p. 22) Christians should avoid gambling in all its

    various forms, including lotteries. (Isa. 65:11; g02

    7/22 pp. 4-8; w89 7/15 p. 30; g82 7/8 pp. 25-27; g81

    11/22 p. 27) If a person makes a practice of gambling

    and after repeated counsel unrepentantly pursues a

    course of greediness, judicial action would be appropriate.-

    w80 9/1 pp. 29-30; w67 p. 356.

    31. An individual continuing in employment directly

    involved with gambling or employment making

    him a clear accomplice or promoter of gambling

    would be subject to judicial action, usually after being

    allowed time, perhaps up to six months, to make

    the needed adjustments. (w95 5/15 p. 23 par. 11; km

    9/76 pp. 3-6) In questionable cases it is best to consult

    with the branch office."

  • donny

    Thanks for the updates. I would hav ebeen surpirised if such a change had occurred and I not heard about it. I find it amusing how some rules have been "relaxed" since my time in the org. JW's here are going to R rated movies, heavy metal and ghetto rap concerts, attending "Thanksgiving
    and "Chritsmas" dinners/parties and going to "hookah" bars (as long as you dont inhale). So why not add a little fun gambling to the mix.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    These fuckers who are on the brink of making $1B on their Bklyn real estate deal and invest in hedge funds etc have the fucking nerve to DF someone for buying a $1 lotto ticket? Go fuck yourselves!

  • LV101

    witnesses are allowed to work in gaming (casinos) as long as they aren't dealers. many in LV are employed by the gaming resorts in maintenance, restaurants, stage hands, etc. --- guess anything as long as it's not gambling. heard many yrs. ago W/T's conventions can't be held in vegas because of the gambling temptation on the bros --- would obviously cut down the cult's cut.

    there's a beautiful catholic cathedral on strip (actually a small turn off of and known as one of the wealthiest parishes) and happens to receive major contributions off of high rollers, tourists, vacationers. stupid cult should learn a lesson --- maybe W/T should give out nickel coupons to encourage the god of luck. a few clergy class have to visit casinos wkly after wk. ends to cash all the tokens in.

  • cptkirk

    leavingwt: "a dont ask dont tell sort of thing" lmao. the bad boy jw club. they all make me sick.

    for non jw's reading this, let me briefly explain which was already mentioned why i said "they make me sick". because if one guy goes and buys a $1 lottery ticket it's a federal case, but if 5 guys gamble together, it's harmless. they will say because you're taking the money of all the people who gambled in that lottery, as if the stock trade they gamble in is any different.

  • Violia

    I can clearly recall them saying from the platform that if you won the lotto you'd have to give back the money or be df. duh, which way would you go?

  • cptkirk

    violia: you know what i would do if they said that to me? i'd buy the property across the street from the kh, and open a brothel there.

  • jam

    A few years back in Chicago Illinois, A Baptist minster

    spoke to his congregation on the sins of gambling, its

    the devil tool . He preach about the snare of gambling

    often. He realize many in the Church was playing the

    lottery, but he did not know his wife was also playing.

    Well, his wife hit the lottery.

    His next sermon to the flock, God moves in mysterious

    ways. A true story..

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