Fingers in the ears tactic

by trailerfitter 11 Replies latest jw experiences

  • sizemik

    The foundation for mind capture is laid very early. If the subject doesn't exercise "due diligence" at an early stage, then the whole conversion cycle is set in motion. Unfortunately, any attempts to dissuade from that point forward have the opposite than intended effect.

    Mad Sweeny's advice is top-drawer . . . if you're going to be effective, you MUST read this book. Any opinions you offer, however sane and valid, will be seen as an attack . . . I know, it sucks. Questions designed to help her think and see WT errors for herself, and appealing to the authentic (not cult) personality are the only effective tools . . . and you need the book to know how best to employ them. Whatever you do . . . don't let her see it.

    All the best.

  • trailerfitter

    There are some excellent names on here!!.. Anyway, Mad Sweeney I have some books now that I am working through and slowly reading through them there are already some blocks that I am aware of. We have got to the stage which all has to be accepted now as I did too much damage earlier with my fury. I have backed off and she is telling me about the members so passively working it out whilst time flows by. Guys,.. I will post as things develop.

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