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  • Sulla

    When I was learning about Catholicism, the priest in charge of the thing observed that there were lots of things written about the Church: some true, some not true. He suggested we read whatever we thought was interesting and then discuss it. What he said was, "I'm not afraid of anything you read."

    If you really think you are right, you aren't afraid to engage the other side honestly. Simple as that.

  • jam

    What would happen in A court of law. Apostates vs.

    the WT. The only evidence for both parties the WT.

    publication. An unpartial Judge and jury.

    The reason for the case, thousand of ex-members

    being slandered. Once the fact has been presented

    from their own publication it would take A jury all of 5 min.

    to make A verdict. And if they use, the light get briighter,

    from they own admission, they lied in the past.

    It just tighten my butt with all this Apostate crap.

  • jam

    And by the way, it,s calling someone mentally diseased

    slander. I know in the past ex-members question if

    they could sue the WT. for the damage they have done.

    If they keep up with slanderous words as mentally

    diseased on all ex-mmbers I beleive A case could be

    made. Judge Judy awards plaintiffs all the time for


  • SirNose586

    How can "the first pair" apostatize from a time when there was no religion?

  • AllTimeJeff

    Your question is a fair one.

    It is absolutely fair to point out that anyone who disagrees, or even has evidence that points out that JW's have been wrong, or more to the point, have never been right, is from the devil.

    This is a TOTALLY fair thing to ask.

    To answer your question directly then: No

    I am not from the devil. Most people who leave JW's are not either.

    Here is a great little definition, followed by a very fair question in response:


        [ uh - pos -teyt , -tit ] Show IPA noun 1. a person who forsakes his religion, cause, party, etc.

    Isn't it ironic to any JW that the primary work that the Governing Body assigns them to do is to make apostates out of people of all nations?

    I mean, you can't be baptized a JW unless you write a letter of resignation to any church or religion you may have been a part of.

    JW's as such are a religion of apostates, people who have forsaken their former religion.

    Can a former JW be blamed for investigating the JW faith in a way that JW's want Catholics to look at their faith with a critical eye?


  • jam

    Jeff I understand and agree, but my point is the

    slanderous words against ex-members , words

    that damage our relationship with our family

    members that are still in. That,s wrong.

    Ok, Apostates who forsakes his religion, that,s

    fine with me, but the other crap, that,s what get

    me so upset. I still have A relationship with one

    of my daughters and kids and I do not want to

    lose that.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Hi jam.

    My post was directed at the first post and not your points, which I agree with.

    There is always another side to leaving. I didnt have to deal with it, but I reallize many do, and that is family and loved ones inside. It isn't easy. I wish you the best.

    My post was in the abstract, and obviously didn't address the real human toll that being an "apostate" brings where JW's are concerned.

  • the-illuminator81

    I'm definitely mentally diseased, suffering from a severe case of independent critical thinking.

  • punkofnice
    Because of listening to the Devil and not rejecting his lies, the first human pair apostatized.

    Yeah, that's me I listen to some wicked music. I also take notice of talking snakes whilst standing naked in the garden eating forbidden fruit. Me to a 'T'!

    So, then, should we listen to apostates, read their literature, or examine their Web sites on the Internet?

    Oh, did they get the spoof washTowel I put together with my aposta-friends? My wife NEVER listens to me, but she's a zealous JDub!

    If we love God and the truth, we will not do so.

    Is that why Mrs Punk ignores me........or is it the naked in the garden and talking snakes that scares her? She must really love her imaginary friend Jar Hoover in the sky.

    We should not allow apostates into our homes

    ...but I already live in my home! I guess I'll have to stay in the garden naked as usual. Hello snake!

    or even greet them, for such actions would make us ‘sharers in their wicked works.’ (2 John 9-11)

    ...they can listen to my evil music and stand naked in the garden with me. 'Hey, Dub. Meet the snake!'

    May we never succumb to the Devil’s wiles by abandoning the Christian “path of truth”

    Truth!! Sorry, I've just puked up over the floor. By 'truth', do they mean that thing that keeps changing under 'new light'?

    to follow false teachers

    I had a dodgy Maths teacher once but I don't think she was an 'apostate' in fact I think she was atheist.

    who seek to “introduce ruinous ideologies” and try to ‘exploit us with well-turned phrases.’—2 Peter 2:1-3, WT 06 1/15 "Do not allow place for the devil"

    ''Ruinous ideologies''? What like 'no blood' but fractions rock! 'Overlapping generations'. 'Stay alive in '75'? Actually the WTB$ definition of 'apostates' makes me sound cooler than I am. THANK YOU WATCHTOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JRK

    I am a mentally diseased apostate; whenever I read the Watchtower's pap I get a sudden onset of Tourettes.


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