Short memorials, boring weddings, no birthdays, etc...just because it places too much emphasis on a person?

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  • Hadit

    The lack of holidays, celebrations, etc. is to keep focus off of family and is a tactic to keep family bonds from forming. They take away emphasis on family members and place it on themselves. That way our emotions for family are superficial and our tight bond is with the organization. It keeps membership up and dissenters out.

    Why would they stand up for the bride? They are a bunch of misogynists! Besides, the bride can't even give herself away - her father gives her to her next owner, the husband. Patriarchy at its best. Evil, vile, disgusting.


  • iamwhoiam

    i remember being from a small town and the first witness kid they ever had in my school. yeah..the holiday and birthday thing...that got me zero friends and persecution out the wazoo. believe it or teachers gave it to me the worst.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    You just have to realize how terribly insecure and jealous Jehovah is. He doesn't want you thinking about, celebrating, talking about, or valuing anyone but him. Yet what exactly is he doing for us? ... promises and threats.

  • Quendi


  • Quendi


  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Yeah, J is an ***hole

  • agonus

    It's funny - one one hand, the WT has elevated The Organization to such a level of reverence and devotion that it's essentially worship, yet is almost pathological about diminishing the value of personhood. But an organization is, by definition, comprised of people!

    It's like a perfectionist conductor obsessed with achieving the best possible rendition of his favorite symphony who constantly belittles and devalues his musicians and, when he hears them rehearsing, tells them to stop all that damned racket!

    You don't get Stradavarius-quality music from a dimestore gutbucket.

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