Short memorials, boring weddings, no birthdays, etc...just because it places too much emphasis on a person?

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  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Does that seem fair? Did it ever make you feel kind of...ashamed to be a human?

  • Ilovebirthdays

    I was able to swallow most of the crap without questioning, but even when I was a fairlyish small child, I always resented the fact that it never got to be about the person, even after they had died. I (stupidly) tried to verbalize that somewhere around 9/10 years old to my mother, and learned never to do that again.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Did it ever make you feel kind of...ashamed to be a human?

    No, but it sure made me ashamed to be a JW


  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    No, but it sure made me ashamed to be a JW

    I felt that way too lol.

  • alanv

    I went to my JW son's wedding recently and when the bride came into the hall, the witnesses stayed seated. I asked why they did not stand and do you know what the presiding oversear said. 'It's a bit like worship isn't it.' I was speechless.

  • transhuman68

    That's why it is a high-control group. The individuals exist to serve the religion; instead of the religion serving the needs of the people. Witnesses can never progress to feel self-empowered- they aren't allowed to.

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    The moment you start placing the emphasis on the person, showing them how much they mean to you, is the moment that you realise what true happiness is.

  • WTWizard

    To them, you are just a package. Effectively, you are the cup that the Coke comes in--the "Coke" is whatever service and value you transfer to the organization. And once the Coke is gone, the cup is so much litter. To celebrate anything or enjoy something is to place value on the cup, rather than on the Coke that is inside the cup.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Good points.

    And the no-standing-for-the-bride part pisses me off for some reason.

  • MrFreeze

    It's no wonder most people have no feeling of self-worth when they leave the organization.

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