Do active JW's understand the "new light" on the feet toes of the staue in Daniel?

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  • stapler99

    The confusing thing is that in the prophecy about the kings of the north and south, Rome is held by the JW's to be the king of the north, and after many changes of identity, the Anglo-American World Power is the king of the south. And yet in the prophecy about the statue and the one about the wild beasts, Britain is said to be a natural continuation of the Roman Empire, because part of it was in the Roman Empire once.

  • Terry

    Prophecy problems 101.

    Where you are in the stream of time looking backward while projecting forward=wacky guesswork.

    Daniel writes about a dual world power. John looks into the past (at Daniel) and writes about the future.

    The Watchtower gurus look into the past at John looking into the past at Daniel and they write about the future.

    Common element? Interpretation always rules out a BETTER APPLICATION because of NEW world events and alignments!

    We humans can only see what HAS happened and what IS happening to make a call.

    If we see earthquakes today, epidemics today, meteor showers today, wars today, etc. we automatically assume THESE CURRENT EVENTS

    mark "fulfillment" of past prophecy about "future" occurances.

    But--we cannot see future earthquakes, future epidemics, future meteor showers, future wars as EQUALLY precise candidates for "fulfillment"!

    Meaning what?

    Ignorance impairs interpretation!

    It isn't what we SEE today that "fulfills" anything. It is what may happen a hundred years from now ---that we can't see---which MAY BE the fulfillment.

    Consider all the last 2000 years of unprofitable Revelation applications rife with error after error at identifying PRECISE historical events as THE fulfillment of John's visions.

    The devout christian interpreter only had THEIR OWN TIME FRAME to go on and it wasn't equal to the task!

    Jehovah's Witnesses are a case study in the fallacy of TODAY'S SIGNS being fulfillments!

    They are always wrong and the continue to make the same error over and over and over with great enthusiasm!

    They state the "obvious" with such a sense of discovery!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Below is a link to an article I recently wrote about the toes of the Daniel statue. It lays out the history of the flip-flop and explains the current view (which is actually a flip-flop back to a view they held from 1978 to 1985).

    I also talked about it (and said pretty much the same thing) on Cult Free Radio. If you're interested in listening to the archived podcast, I believe it was CFR show #005:

  • blondie

    I wondered what the WTS was trying to do saying that Daniel did not mention the number ten when referring to the toes. What number would his readers be thinking, ten, not 1 or 35 or 201.

  • Gayle

    99% don't even care.

  • myelaine

    dear Terry...

    you said: "We humans can only see what HAS happened and what IS happening to make a call"...

    At the correct time(s) GOD reveals aspects of the "times" WE live in from the ancient scriptures of His the book of revelation Jesus calls this "hidden manna". revelation 2:17.

    love michelle

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