meteor showers are spectacular right now

by Glander 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Glander

    We watched them until very late last night. More tonight. If you have clear skies and minimal light pollution where you live they are beautiful.

  • ShirleyW

    Glander, where are you located? I don't think we'll be able to see much here in NYC

  • Glander

    Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

  • Kudra

    We had a lot of cloud cover until the wee hours. I camped out in the back yard with my dog but did not see anything...

    They we were scared inside by gunshots... laaame.

    I hope to see some tonight..!

    How many per hour were you able to see? Did the moon obsure a lot of the action?

  • Glander

    The moon came up very low in the east and wasn't a factor until about midnight. By that time I was ready for bed. I also had overserved my refreshments.

    Didn't count but it seemed like one every minute or two. Sometimes 2 at a time.


  • Kudra

    Really! I had heard that the show did not get going until after midnight.

    In my region though, the moon was high at 11-12 already.

    Maybe I'll try to go out and camp in a NF tonight...

  • wobble

    I just love wathching them, one day one flew in so low that I heard it whoosh across the sky !

    Thanks for letting us know, I'll be out there later, with my hip flask in case of cold weather (Tee Hee)

  • Kudra

    Yeah, living in a US border town (MX not Canadian...) is awesome.

    Less gunshots in the area of town I live in now but apparently someone was gettin rowdy at 4am closeby this morning...

  • rebel8

    You are the only person besides myself that I have ever heard use the term "light pollution".

    I am waiting for it to get dark so I can watch the meteors. Perhaps I will get a glimpse of Jehovah sitting up there at Pleiades .

  • Kudra

    We're all about eliminating the light pollution here in (southwest town where there are a lot of observatories + telescopes). We have special street lamps, house lights etc.

    I am leaving the house at 3am tonight to get out to a trailhead to stargaze for an hour or two before I start my Sunday morning trail run.


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