Has anyone, other than me, tried to get your friends/loved ones to prove 1919?

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  • JunkYardDog

    VGary; you have the right question 1919. your just not going about it right. You YOURSELF HAVE TO KNOW WHAT THE WT WAS TERACHING IN 1918 and shove the false teaching down their throats. And ask the ? after each false you bring up? "was this really proper spritual food at the proper time" ? You really have to embarrass them for being ignorant of facts. it does work but you have to know wts history. I have been using the same 1918 argument for 15 years , and jw's run from me crying. if you stick to this topic and learn your history you can't lose. The question is? are you ready to do the research and throw it in their faces? and kick their asses ? can you handle what the jw's will do to your marriage? I posted a week ago a thread how I went up 3 jw's asses on just this subject. It takes a lot of heart to stand up to the wt and what they are doing to your family. there is no easy way your going against 1000 to one. and I don't think you have the knowledge of the wt or the nerve to pull it off. If you live in the United States and PM me i will speak with any jw you know on the phone and rail them on 1918. I'll tell you now it will not be pretty I will drag them into the mud. and if you can't do the same thing talking about 1918 you will never win... sorry for being honest. good luck Gary

  • daringhart13


    Are you kidding?? 99% of JWs have no clue what the significance of 1919 is......or that its even an important date......or what happened.

    They are clueless. Don't believe me? Test it out........ they will look at you like "huh?"

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    I've found that it doesn't matter what is written in the past and the JW's I talked to would only debate from WT material still in circulation. Anything out of circulation they just shut down and won't even look at it.

    The trick is to get them to make statements, then get them to explain the literature that they quoted, or pretended existed/whatever.

    Even then, they really don't want to admit they've been scammed because to admit that is to admit that every death, shunning, abuse, broken family and suicide that they have personally been involved in could have been avoided if they had done their homework, not suppressed their doubts, had half a brain, or whatever else frightens them.

  • cedars

    Since my wife feels that she will be held 'blood guilty' for not instilling these 'spiritual qualities' in our children, I asked her if she should prove 1919 to me as I have stated numerous times that if it can be proven true then I will be baptized at the next assembly.

    I had a friend email me and tell me I am bloodguilty because, as an inactive person, I am no longer going on the ministry. He said this was "a pretty basic thing". In my reply, I told him that of the 23 references to "bloodguilt", "bloodguilty" and "bloodguiltiness" in the bible, not one of them referred to any failure to participate in preaching or warning people. Furthermore, every single reference was in the Hebrew scriptures, before Christian disciple-making was even invented. How could a word as strong as "bloodguilt" (effectively accusing me of being a murderer) be applied to me with no scriptural basis whatsoever? Surely for something to be a "pretty basic thing" it would need to have a watertight scriptural basis?

    My friend referred me to a Watchtower article (w88 1/1 p 28) which tied in Ezekiel 33:1-11. The scripture in Ezekiel discusses the fact that if you fail to warn someone wicked that their wicked deeds will result in their death, then you have their blood on your hands. When you read it in context, the scripture clearly has a judicial application rather than an evangelical application, but the society blur the two to emotionally blackmail people into feeling obligated to preach. They reason that "wicked" as defined in Ezekiel can also mean "comparitively wicked" in relation to Jehovah by roping in Matt 7:9-11 when Jesus said "Therefore if you, although being wicked, know how to give good gifts to your children...." etc.

    So to sum up, EVEN THOUGH there are NO scriptures linking bloodguilt with the ministry, we are still bloodguilty (manslayers) if we fail to go on the ministry because we have failed to warn people who, like us, are comparitively wicked (in relation to Jehovah) that their comparitively wicked deeds will result in their deaths.

    How all of the above can be applied to your kids is completely beyond me mate, I feel for you!!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    How all of the above can be applied to your kids is completely beyond me mate, I feel for you!!

    If the kids are old enough to get baptised when Armageddon comes, and they are not, Jehovah will kill them, and it is the fault of the parent who failed to indoctrinate them, or contributed to their non-compliance to the Watchtower's instructions/doctrines/rules.

  • Billen76

    They usually can't...and they don't care. They're hanging on to their fascist dreamworld and don't want to face the realties of life.

    To be able to throw the responsebility of their life unto the Org., the authority have to be unquestionable. "The Greater Good" is manitaining the picture of peace, unity and cleaness, where the elders stands as guardians that "protects" the picture and sort out all that challenges to the image.

    Like all fascists, they really do not care about any of the "principles" or teachings they uphold. They care about living in "the good and trouble-free community", whatever that is. If there were a "Religion of the Year Contest", they would go out of their way to win it. THEIR community is the best, and nothing must challenge that.


    Sorry. Your wife will not listen, untill she is ready to break out of the safety of the picture she is living in. Things look SO much better, when looking into the magic mirror that changes nightmares into images of flowerfilled poetry. She needs to want to look away. The rest will come from there.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Are you kidding?? 99% of JWs have no clue what the significance of 1919 is......or that its even an important date......or what happened.

    They are clueless. Don't believe me? Test it out........ they will look at you like "huh?"


    I asked my wife to tell me what scripture they use to arrive at the 2520 years. She didn't know. She knows 607 is in "dispute" and they may be wrong about that but still, "they are the only ones preaching the good news worldwide as Matt 24:14 says".

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