Are angels just lazy and perverted?

by Pistoff 15 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Pistoff

    Reason I ask is we have seen 2 threads this week about angels:

    1. The angels direct judicial committees; when someone is disfellowshipped, the angels are behind it.

    So I am wondering why the angels can't seem to identify the pedophiles that are in the congregation, and when a case does come to light, as they did in California over and over, they can't seem to decide that the pedophile should be kicked out?

    Do angels LIKE child rapists? Do they maybe want to materialize human bodies and join in? Are they secretly hiding pedophiles in the congregation?

    No wonder the poor GB has such a problem with pedo's.

    2. Angels are guiding the witness work. Well, I never once got guided to anyone who welcomed me with open bible and said they were praying God would sent them someone.

    Are my angels out on their own coffee break, or what?

    Anyone else here have that experience?

  • punkofnice

    The spin I was told about JC's was that it was sufficient we elders read the scriptures when making desicions. That was it! Incredible....obviously holy spirit and angels are a no show.

    I've said it before but if the angels are directing the preaching......they're crap at it! Yes! They would be better off weeding out the paedos and corruption from the congragation.

    This leads me to the only conclusions possible.

    Angels! They're just imaginary like the tooth fairy. The WTB$ is not directed by their imaginary friend in the sky let alone some winged blokes who get beat up by other angels (Prince of persia in Daniel).

  • minimus

    The angels are behind the jc decisions and if there are any legal problems all they have to do is blame it on the angels.

  • Pistoff

    Angels must have a great waiver for the JC's to sign!!

  • james_woods

    Demons are apparantly more directly in contact with humankind than Angels, according to JW legend.

    Demons can occupy old books, mirrors, furniture, Smurf dolls, and such - they can chill a room, cause fog, and sometimes have demon sex with old maid pioneer sisters.

    Angels can only vaguely (no one knows how) direct JC meetings, but many times cannot get all the elders to agree on the outcome.

  • wasblind

    I thought evrything was guided by Holy Spirit??????

    you know, spirit directed org.

  • Billzfan23

    I had an imaginary angel friend when I was a kid. However, we had a falling out, all he ever wanted to do was play with the kid across the street. Now he doesn't even return my Facebook messages anymore.

  • Glander

    Angels have a sweetheart union contract. No work required, just benefits. All this idle time and good living leads inevitably to a being a degenerate with low character.

  • Intel

    Angels should not bend over to pick up their harps.......history shows that heaven is worser than a male prison, full of horny criminals....

    ....just don't ask me why....

  • fallen_princess

    Oh, I am certain there is NO SUCH THING as angels or the holy spirit, or like this thead suggests, they just don't care. All the stuff I never got found out about.. you'd figure with all the yammering the elders do about Jehovah purifying his flock.. My husband and I lied to the elders face and his "holy spirit sense" sure didn't tingle. Besides, if that was the case, then why would there be that stupid "two witness rule" in a JC? Wouldn't the testimony from a f*cking angel suffice??

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