STOP reading your bible! You're wasting your time!

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  • WTWizard

    There is one good reason to read a Bible: To find out what it really says, without religious bias. You read the Old Testament, and see for yourself how "loving" Jehovah really is. Then, when you are through puking, make your decision about whether this Almighty Lowlife Scumbag deserves your worship. You can also read the stock examples that were written in lieu of your getting anything. Are you satisfied that someone that was around 3,000 years ago got what he needed? Or, are you going to insist that, unless Jehovah satisfies you, IN THIS DAY AND TIME, he is not worth serving?

    Another way you can benefit from a Bible is determining if the religion you are contemplating really abides by it, as it claims to. If they claim to abide by the Bible, and there are glaring discrepancies between its doctrine and the Bible, find out why. Ask questions. Do they insist that you believe the bad doctrine, and teach it, until they themselves fix it? If you are merely studying, insist that you abide by the Bible itself instead of the Washtowel doctrine--and see how far it gets you.

  • moshe
    All the Law or Torah that Jehovah inspired Moses to write was for this theocratic organization of Israel.

    They should have stopped here.

  • sizemik
    By this, Paul meant that the Bible, as an instruction book for the theocratic organization of Israel, had now become a book of instructions for the organization of the Christian congregation.

    Surely this statement qualifies for an "Evidently" at the start . . . ?

    Evidently, Paul took the instruction book off the Pharisees and gave it to the JW's . . . makes sense really.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I completely agree. Reading the bible is a waste of time.

  • discreetslave

    The Watchotower is blasphemous and they fit into the description of Oholibah from Ezek. ch 23.

    *** w89 4/1 p. 30 Questions From Readers ***

    “When her sister Oholibah got to see it, then she exercised her sensual desire more ruinously than she, and her prostitution more than the fornication of her sister.”—Ezekiel 23:11.
    the Reformation gave Protestantism at least the hope and prospect of greater spiritual enlightenment...Like the Catholics, they have also been guilty of engaging in creature worship and of putting the traditions of men in place of Biblical truth.

  • Terry

    Bottom line is the bible is an idea of what men would like to have to guide them.

    Instead, they have created their own Frankenstein monster which has turned upon them and made us all afraid.

  • Roddy


    Thank you for your comments.

    I disagree. What I said is on the ball and is evident. No matter what you define as evolution the methods of evolution remains the same: elimination of the weak, survival of the fittest, death and struggle is an evolutionary progression that eliminates the unfit for whatever reason, and so on.

    Now, I noticed you moved the subject to one more toward social evolution. Social evolution favors mutually beneficial or selfish behaviors.

    As our societies continue to disintegrate we are seeing less of "mutually beneficial" social evolution and more of "selfish behaviors" social evolution. When the Bible's influence was strong in society we saw the opposite. As we see the Bible's influence decrease in society we more of the "selfish behaviors" with the implication that that is human society's "natural" gravitation.

    No surprises here!

    Having said that, we have come accustomed to the rules of "fair play" and doing things "by the book". What constitutes "fair" and what "book" to follow is always up to interpretation -- often favoring the one with the power, the influence, the political savvy, the winning blackmail, and/or a host of other wild cards that stacks "him" higher than "you".

    So after, as you say, "millions of years of evolution that strongly rewards (emotionally, physically and in terms of survivability and efficiency) family and and clan cooperation", if you can't beat them, then make alliances. And those alliances are good only when the status quo is maintained. When either one of you sees an advantage, you had better "do it" first before he "does it" to you. LOL (So, you see? It's not "cooperation" but biding your time until you are stronger or your "partner" is weaker -- so much for millions of years of "evolutionary cooperation" as you claim.)

    And it goes right back to what I said before: You can enjoy a world that is run (socially) by evolution where the strong (in whatever necessary ways) survive. Or you can enjoy a world where (God's) righteousness dwells - which is quite un-evolutionary paradigm as it gets.

    I think even the most strident evolutionist wouldn't favor a strictly evolutionary world -- unless he sits at the top of the hill and holds all the cards.

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