Cantleave and Nugget are coming to visit me!

by Pams girl 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • nugget

    Skittles make my son as high as a kite. When you try to take a nap he goes up to your face and yells BOO at the top of his voice. He then runs round the house yelling "look at me." At the moment he is so excited he is desperate to pack his case and has been wearing pyjamas for 2 days so he doesn't get his holiday clothes dirty.

    Really looking forward to the visit it is always nice to put faces to names.

  • mummatron
    Yes they will mate, I'll be wearing my hoodie and Maggie Thatcher mask!

    Nah, you'll get arrested by Gwent Police at the toll booths! Those guys actively look for something to do. They tried to book me for speeding in the 50 m.p.h. zone at Plaza Rogiet, just before the toll booths, only I wasn't speeding at all (long story, but I challenged it and was able to prove my innocence, took 3 months of legalise letters back & forth mind you).

    You wanna don a Welsh Rugby Shirt ready for Saturday's game. It won't save you the £5.70 toll fee, but at least they'll let you through!

    ...Oh, and go on the old bridge if it's open. It's what us locals use. Nearly always quicker & quieter and the booth staff will actually smile (they are grumpy sods on the new bridge).

    Bon voyage!

  • nugget

    Thanks for that Mummatron all useful information. I have my toll money ready and have told Cantleave about the old bridge. Tidying like crazy as a friend is staying here whilst we are away to get away from the craziness in London.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    What wonderful People! Im so happy right now! Cantleave managed to get across the bridge despite his mask and hoodie!

    A nice time was had by all, and I hope he can post the photo of us soon, I cant, as Im still getting to grips with indoor plumbing.

    Fantastic Night, especially moshing in my kitchen to Rainbow, Led Zep, Dio, et al...........(THEY (JWs) made me get rid of all my decent CDs years ago)...havent heared this music in a long time................

    Welcome at my house anytime. Think hubby invited them up for Christmas.......happy days! x

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    So jealous!

  • cantleave
  • cantleave

    Thanks for the Great evening - Paula. Can't wait for the next time!!

  • sizemik

    You're a great bunch! . . . love to meet you all sometime . . . maybe on the next All-Black tour . . . if I save hard LOL.

    Paula . . . don't throw the smurf away.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Hahaha, it WAS a great night yes.x Thats us in part of my back garden, thanks for posting Cantleave.x May see you next week as you make your way home. My head hurts though...... too much vino.........

    MS, you are welcome in house anytime. xIf you make it over, Im sure we will all make a special effort to meet you x

    SMURF is STAYING yeah! x

  • NewChapter

    what a great pic! I am very jealous. Looks like the smurf had fun too.

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