Notes from my Baptism - WARNING! May induce vomiting...and sarcasm

by mummatron 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • dm6

    mr freeze! Those were literally the EXACT words i said to myself as i was reading it.

    this is just cringe worthy.


    Im sorry you all had to go through this nonsense!!

    Thank G............yeah.... i came to my senses when i did! Luckily for me i didnt even make unbaptized pub.

    I did one bible reading :P

  • Adso

    Reading the embrace the mother bit reminded me of the day I was baptized. Our CO at the time, Ted Bromich, was lurking at the edge of the pool and hugged every fit young girl that got dunked but the blokes didn't even manage a handshake, a smile or any recognition whatsoever out of the old twat. Now there was a wanker. Especially that day.

  • WTWizard

    Jehovah's banking system? You mean, where you put in, and it never gets credited--but if you make one little mistake, you go infinitely in debt? And there is no recourse? And what about debts that get put in your account for no reason, with no explanation, and you are still responsible for them? Also, having it take a ridiculously long time to earn enough points to pay a ridiculously tiny portion of that "debt"?

    And you thought the Rothschilds' banking system was bad? And the US Toilet Paper Dollar? If Jehovah's unit of payment were the currency, I would be selling it short and buying US toilet papers, with which I would be buying silver (I doubt the places that sell precious metals would even accept Jehovah Dollars).

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