Positives of Growing Up JW

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  • i_drank_the_wine

    I learned how to feel immense guilt over stupid things, how to be a socially awkward loner, and how to hate.

  • talesin

    Excellent public speaking skills and study habits. But I'm pretty smart and probably could have developed those skills anyway, had I been raised in a loving environment.

    That is far outweighed by the lack of self-worth, zero social skills, and trust issues ,,, etc, etc, etc, that were negatives of growing up JW.

    If JWS was wiped off the face of the earth tomorrow, it would be NO LOSS. In fact, it would be a gain to the whole of humankind!


  • journey-on

    There were some positives. I feel it in my gut. I just can't exactly define them. I like myself (mostly) and am proud that I was able to jump some of the hurdles the JW mindset placed in front of me. So, I developed a sense of achievement to some degree ("we will overcome") and was able to pass that attitude on to my children.

  • Nowman

    I attribute that I have always been in sales since I left the org in 1992.

    I figured if I can sell the JW literature, then I sell anything!


  • Gayle

    a.....a.....a......a ..... 6 hrs later,. ...... still thinking .. . . . .

    for those of you listing public speaking, salesmanship,,,I think you would have been anyway,,,,many of us ex-JW still are not public speakers (being many of us females) and so many of us still are not inclined to be salesmen/ladies.

    I was/am a very good teacher to my children/grandchildren,,,had nothing to do with TMS whatsoever.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    B/c my mom was expelled from school b/c of the flag salute, I cherished how the American legal system protected minorities. Several college and law professors told me I was in denial. My mom never finished school. Rather than a superb record of protecting individual rights, the Court hasm most often been the force stopping such rights. Dredd Scott; Korematsu.

    Public speaking is difficult for me, precisely b/c of the Witnesses. Speaking with an outline to people who dare not challenge your presentation is not public speaking, but cult speaking. Females are never to instruct - even when they know the subject far better than any male. Nowhere in real life, including public speaking professional courses, has anyone critiqued me as vicioiusly as the ministry school servants. Penis - rah, rah. Vagina - bad, bad. Once when I was thirteen, and so eager to please, my voice cracked from a cold. The entire KH roared in laughter at a thirteen year girl. Love was withheld b/c my voice cracked.

    I knew more about the Awake topics than my working poor classmates. My biggest boost, however, was that my family subscribed to National Geographic at home and my mom took us to the children's library every day. Libraries are my favorite places to this day.

    Yes, I learned these things. Imagine what I could have learned if I could attend private elite school in NY on scholarship, leaarned French fluently, learned even one sport, and studied ballet. What if my life were filled with niceness and affirmation rathern than severe abuse. I predict a better outcome.

  • TotallyADD

    What Nomad Soul quoted. I just wear my scars as a JW cult member as a badge of honor. Totally ADD

  • stillin

    after studying and coming into the "truth" I was always envious of the ones who grew up in it. I wouldn't have made a LOT of the mistakes I had made if I had been a serious witness kid. But then, they envied my experience in the big bad "world."

    so there ya go...

  • redredrose

    Well, I've had cancer and was a Witness for 50 years. I have to say that the cancer was more beneficial, lol. Changed my complete outlook on life, helped me to break free from the crippling fear of never being good enough, righteous enough or spiritually enough. In fact, without the cancer I'm not sure I would have ever had the courage to leave.

    Would my life have been better without the Witnesses? Can't say for sure, but I sincerely believe it would have been much better.

  • MrFreeze

    I didn't get involved in drugs. I'm pretty sure I would have if I weren't a JW. That's it. Frankly, I'm pretty sure the JW's did more damage than any drugs would have.

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