They NEED this system to be rotten... and why they can't wait to die.

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    After visiting my JW mother i came away convinced she is just as hard core as she ever was. Oh, she may bend the rules a little in not shunning her children but at heart she is JW through and through. I had wondered if perhaps she was wavering but i doubt it.

    During our visit, when i was out of the house, she had an attempt to inform my wife that the end was athiest wife shot that down as nonsense much to mums apparent dislike i think.

    However, it was while the TV was on in the backgound that i realized how deep she is still. The news story of moment was the failing U.S economy etc etc and i was a bit taken aback at her GLEE over it. I could have sworn she was about to clap in enjoyment as she proclaimed how ''rotten this system of things'' is.

    And it occurded to me in that moment of sadness, that Jehovah's Witnesses NEED this sysyem as they love to call it, to be stinking rotten, because if it is not, then all is lost for them. They have been de-programmed on how to have a life. They need it to full of badness and wickedness, they revel in exposed coruption (other than their own), dance and sing in shear joy as riots break out and young men die in wars.

    It backs up the long promised paradise as the only answer to every single miserable thing they see. If this system is all there is for them, they want to die. They almost can't wait to die to escape it, they live in perpetual suicidal mode.

    My mother talked of if her long cured cancer returned she would do nothing. No treatment, nothing except palliative care and she would quite willingly, indeed happily die. Yet i was confused by her doged determination to stay healthy by popping dozens of herbal pills every day. It's like one side of the brain fighting the other.

    My ex mother in law died yesterday even though she could have had longer i am sure, if she chose to have blood. Among the reasons for refusing it i have no doubt the desire to be in paradise was right up there. No more would she have to be in this rotten system of things, why as a faithful JW she can now sleep till the paradise. And all the mourners at her propaganda session funeral designed to bolster any slackers back to action will go away assured that she was faithful till the end and talk among themselves about how she will surely have a resurection...

    Sad, very sad... Unable to live, waiting to die.


  • sizemik

    A glimpse back into the matrix Oz . . .

    Not pleasant . . . and definitely very sad.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Unable to live, waiting to die

    You said it all Oz.

  • TimothyT

    The organisation produces quite a peculiar breed of people doesnt it. I fully agree that they seem happy about terrible things happening, not because they are terrible, but because they believe it backs up the bible. To people on the outside though, this looks like they enjoy seeing people in pain which is sickening. No wonder they have a bad reputation.

    I remember sometimes i would preach with brothers and sisters who were full on preaching death and destruction, basking in the terrible situation that this world has fallen in to. Oh how cringeworthy they made me feel.

    Even yesterday, the brother who I went to see to arrange my judicial commitee, stated that he was glad that this system will soon be over and he is convinced it is RIGHT round the corner.

    So peculiar!

  • cantleave

    Such wasted lives!

  • punkofnice

    Well, OZ. Now the last earthquake spate is old news they are (at least in my family), drooling over the UK riots saying how close the end must be! It's SOON!*

    It's awful to see such slavish loyalty to the lies of the GB and their propaganda machine! It's awful to see them relish the misery of others to re-inforce the WTB$ cult mentality!

    *(Terms and conditions apply and are subject to 'overlapping' or ‘New Light’TM or which ever makes the GB look like God!)

  • the-illuminator81

    Watching the news is like watching pornography for a JW.. every bad thing that happens brings them so much joy. The end is near! The end is near! Like a car alarm set too sensitive they keep going off and you get the urge to egg them.

  • watersprout

    My inlaws love all the unrest thats happening in the world... They seem to thrive on it. Rather disturbing!

    Just makes you realize how lucky we all are that we got out when we did and have the chance to have fabulous lives... Sometimes I feel like my life has been taken from me and my mom said to me the other day ''sprout I wish I was your age again, I would love it''... To be honest it doesn't matter how old you are, each and everyone of us has the chance to be happy and successful.

    I feel for the dubbies who are waiting for death and rejoicing at those suffering....


  • TotallyADD

    That's all my father talk about when he was alive. He just could not wait to die. He would say things like "I know what death is I will be just asleep". Or he would say " I don't care if I get killed out in field service". About a year before he died he was talking about death and I finally stop him and said to him you love being dead more than being alive! Why is this? Are you afraid of living? That finally shout him up on this subject. Within a year he died. Those last few weeks of his life you could see the fear he had about dying. Very sad what this cult does with our minds. Totally ADD

  • sizemik
    The end is near! The end is near! Like a car alarm set too sensitive they keep going off

    @illuminator . . . humour aside, that is such a great analogy! . . . that's exactly what it resembles.

    @TotallyADD . . . It is sad. Interesting observation regarding his final days . . . reminds me of a quote I read recently . . .

    Nothing focusses a man's mind more sharply ... than knowing he's going to hang in the morning.

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