My battle with a JW and she went and SNITCHED on me!

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  • WTWizard

    Since when are the witlesses required to waste all their time? Yes, they are all that bad--let them into your life, and not only will the aforementioned things be out the door, but so will all semblance of free time. The person getting involved will have to quit doing most things that are fun to make time to waste gas going from door to door. If anyone thinks they are only going to spend maybe 15 minutes to an hour doing that, they will be hounded to do it all the time and quit doing anything not absolutely necessary to make more time to do more. That is a fine waste of your life.

    As for Jesus, didn't he say that the load would be light? Wasting your whole day, every day, under threat of getting destroyed isn't my idea of "light". Nor is it to quit doing everything you enjoy and sell all your material things so you can have more time and resources to devote to the work. And then salvation isn't assured--note that "Probably you MAY be concealed" in that scripture they are so fond of using. You are supposed to do all that, waste your time, live a miserable and austere life, and "MAY" be saved is the best theycan come up with? Even the "Probably" part is explained in that you must be doing more than you possibly can to meet that--and then there is still the "may" part to deal with.

    Light load? Aren't they supposed to be upholding Jesus' teaching? If Jesus said the load would be light, and in fact all this was really necessary, that would make Jesus a liar. Are liars qualified to offer a "perfect sacrifice, to which nothing ever need be added"? Or, would that make Jesus another sinner that fell from perfection? No wonder the witlesses don't like to think.

  • the-illuminator81

    Typical JW behaviour.. change the subject, change the subject, change the subject, claim persecution.

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