My battle with a JW and she went and SNITCHED on me!

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  • PinkPajamasx

    Hi all,

    I haven't posted in awhile but I read your posts everyday from my iPhone. Ok, a friend on Facebook posted a question. He is in no way religious but he asked what's the man upstairs name. I chimed in with the spew about the Catholic monk getting his name wrong and every religion running with it. He then told me Jehovah's Witnesses aren't all that bad, I was taken aback by that. I didn't mention that religion in particular. I told him, yes they are and if he invites them in then all his rap music, sc-fi movies, football and girls are out the door.

    In pops a chick, a zealous J-DUB. OMG! She started putting me down for saying that and went into a spew about how they are rightous.Her profile pic is of her being dunked in a pool

    Reading JWN everyday, I thought, hmm she wants to GOD battle. So I told her I am Catholic and I do not believe every doctrine the have but the difference between her and I is that I can question it. I asked her basic questions and SHE ANSWERED ME WITH A QUESTION. I told her I know the JW's tactic all too well about not answering but instead diverting my questions. She asked if God wanted us to DIE then why would he put Adam and Eve on earth to fill the earth. I told her that was not his initial intention, Eve dis-obeyed God and he punished them both along with their offspring. I told her if she noticed that it's always a woman's fault, well Adam's dumb-azz ate from the tree as well. I told her women get thrown under the bus in the JW sect.

    She then went on to say they are Christains, I told her they are not a Christain as in worshipping Jesus. To the JW's he was a perfect man and in the 1950's they stopped worshipping him. I asked her where in the scriptures does it say JESUS was Michael. Of course she brushed that question off.

    Then she went after another poster asking how is Jesus God. Oh ya, I butted in there too cuz this poor girl couldn't answer that. I asked her what does John 1:1 mean. She wouldn't touch it and she moved onto another, her bible buahahhahaa!!! I posted quotes from leading scholers saying how bad the NWT is translated. I posted all the verses which the watchtower left out of the NWT. I told her the re-writers of the NWT only had a high school diploma and one had a years worth of Greek, not BIBLICAL Greek. Yup, she changed the subject again.

    Now it turned to how JW's treat everyone fair, hmmm, I had to post quotes from How, they viewed the black skin (she is black). I started with that thinking it might get through to her. Nope, she said she never heard of that. I told her of course not, those books are out of the library and no longer reprint.

    I then asked her if she new about 1914 and 1975. She wouldn't answer so I told her they got it wrong again and they had to cover their azzes and say Jesus came invisibly. In the scriptures it says Jesus will be known when he comes.

    She didn't answer anymore so I asked her is she's 'shunning' my questions and if this is 'theorcratic warfare' by refusing to answer mine but to go off on other posters. Instead, I told her she's in a cult and I pray Jesus wakes her up.

    I get an email and she turned me in saying I attacked her personally. Ummm, not I didn't. She got angry at what the watchtower taught about blacks. I informed her they were not my words but quotes. Then the ghetto came out of her, she told the original poster that he better shut this b!tch's mouth and I'm speaking bile about the watchtower. I laughed it off of course. I never take words serious.

    Sorry, for some reason I cannot copy and paste.

    Anyways, I don't have a lot of knowledge of the JW's doctrine but I impressed my hubby

    I surely hope she does take all what I wrote and quoted into consideration.

    Thanks all for listening

  • PinkPajamasx

    Oh, I forgot to mention. I asked her about the blood issue. How is it that JW's can have fractions from blood fractions, is that not blood? She said she abstains from it and it's a personal choice.

    I also asked her if the JW's were not controlling then why no beards and women have to wear dresses. She asked if I'd go to church in jeans, I told her yes. I keep it real plus God and my church accepts me regardless.

    There was 157 posts on that one post and I guess she told my friend she reported me to Facebook so he deleted the whole thing.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I hope plenty of people got to see that exchange

    Well done


  • ziddina

    Congrats on your ferocious battle, Pink!! Sounds like you beat her down... And mMan, isn't her reaction typical of a smarmy brainwashed JW...

    She keeps switching the subjects instead of answering you, then when you continue to call her [Watchtower Society] B.S., she throws a childish snit-fit and calls the Federales on you!!!

    What a twitty little snot she sounds like!!

    About posting - copying and pasting - I think you could have hi-lited the entire exchange, copied it, and come here into the 'post' box and 'pasted' it - just as is....

    If you were hesitant about how it will look, you can use the "Post As Plain Text" option - line 2 of the tool bar, the third button from the 'cut' - scissors - button... Paste and insert...

    Keep us posted! As Black Sheep said, hope lots of people saw that before it was taken down...


  • sabastious

    Dubs like to switch to the next subject when they run into logic walls. A Witness, within a doctrinal debate, merely resides in a circlular room full of doors with signs on them that say things like "Jesus is not God and here's why", "The Watchtower are the only one's doing the preaching work", "If evolution is true then why doesn't human DNA taste like bananas?" etc and so forth.


  • dm6

    just quote her 2nd john 1:7 then tell her to piss off.

  • ssn587

    could you list some of those verses the Wt left out would be interesting to see. would very much appreciate it. tks for your post, yes dubbies don't want to answer questions they just want their answered but mostly refuse to answers a questioners.

  • GLTirebiter
    just quote her 2nd john 1:7

    Read verses 10-11 while you're at it!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Very good!

    I can't copy and paste here, either.

  • PinkPajamasx

    @ssn587 The NWT left out 12 verses from Mark 16:9-20 and 12 verses from John 7:53-8:11.

    I would love to have another go with her but I blocked her, I don't want my inbox filled with JW crap.

    @dm6 ahahhaaa, I bet it would but then again she'll probably send me to another scripture.

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