Is there a reason to remain a JW other than for family?

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  • moshe

    You have been a prolific poster, so a slow down here would be understandable. Yes, you have a complicated situation and I think you realize that at some point, some JW family might cut off association with you- BUT, we can hope the strict WT shunning that is presently being deployed against faders and disassociated ones may one day be lifted. Seems like your wife is willing to go along with you for now, but that could change. The danger is when you and your wife have children- many an ex-JW suddenly runs back to the KH with baby in tow and woe to any spouse who opposes that. Thank you for the update.

  • *lost*

    I always talk to my daughters ( not jw's - thank God now I know what I know - but they know I am/was ) about the importance of education - not just 'school education' but also the education of life, books, but on subjects of life, experiences, people, politics, religion etc..

    They say - I don't believe in God.

    I say ''why ?. it doesn't matter whether you believe or not. what matters is that you educate yourself on the subject ( any subject ). You have to learn about 'subjects' and have knowledge otherwise your not qualified to debate a subject. to be able to give an opinion, it has to be an informed opinion, or else you are just ignorant.

    In light of recent events. I do not know the history surrounding the subject. So I am doing some research to educate myself to the facts.

    Could some of the older more informed ones give me some assistance here.

    Did Cedars join 8/8/2011

    Has he ever given an intro and info on himself. I see it is usual for newbies to do this.

    Is something scratching the inside of my brain here ? honestly yes. I don't want to have unfounded suspicions or negativites if they are not founded or factual.

    ( Was there an ulterior motive from the get go. Was it all planned. Was it all a research vehicle for a book. Were people unwitting guinea pigs. Were people tricked and used. Were peole deceived. Questions in my head I want to answer )



  • wannaexit

    On page 3 of this thread, he does say that writing a book is in the plans for him

  • LostInTranslation

    Seriously shaking my head at some people's NEED to proliferate tension and drama.


  • *lost*

    Seriously shaking my head at some people's need to cover up scandals, support, defend and protect abusers at the expense of their victims.

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