Do you blame Judas.

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  • mankkeli

    How could Judas be blamed, for an action pre-planned by God. Wasn't he destined?, What are your views on the matter?

  • the-illuminator81

    Jesus had to die.. somebody had to kill him.

    Look at Jesus behavior leading up to his execution. He was not really trying his best to avoid it.

    At one point Jesus even tells Judas to go and do what he must do..

  • Joey Jo-Jo
  • ProdigalSon

    C'mon man! Check out the Gospel of Judas!

    They were both actors in a metaphor playing out their parts from a script.

    Did the Romans really need Judas to point out to them who Jesus was?

    It's ridiculous!

    It's actually a really good story....

    We each have the 12 "apostles" inside of us, because we are connected to the cosmos.... the 12 signs of the zodiac.

    That renegade "apostle" represents our egos that are constantly betraying us.

    When Judas kills himself, the soul is liberated.

  • Scully

    The role of Judas was necessary to fulfill a prophecy. It baffles me that someone so integral to Jesus' ultimate purpose is so hated and reviled.

  • corpusdei

    I actually explored this idea fairly in-depth (here), and the only conclusion that I can see that fits scripture is that, while Judas himself wasn't necessarily predestined to be the betrayer, a betrayal was a matter of divine prophecy and therefore inevitable. Essentially, someone was going to have to take the fall. Because my personal morality includes the belief that no man sins by an act they cannot avoid, I don't believe that Judas holds any culpability or blame. He was simply the wrong guy in the wrong place and got caught up in the Divine Manipulation. My reasoning on that goes somewhat further (but I'll skip it as it tends to be ... unpopular)

  • Awen

    It could have just as easily have been Peter. He was quick to anger and did deny knowing Jesus to save his own skin.

    Judas' motivation seems to have been just money, which in today's modern currency is around 25 to 40,000 US dollars.

    Not a paltry sum to be sure as it amounted to a year's wages for the highest earners of the time.

    Still it just seems a little too cut and dry for me.

  • NomadSoul

    The Horus/Jesus comparison is very weak. There is no evidence to support what is been claimed.

    It would've been cool if there was though....

    P.S. LOL

  • Dune

    I remember being told that it didn't HAVE to be Judas, it could have been any of his other followers, including the rank and file followers who weren't disciples.

  • cptkirk

    awen was just watching that vid clip off and on (cooking food for myself atm)...but was wondering why they depicted krishna as this christ looking figure? that didn't seem right? if you type in "images krishna" on a search will see all the ancient depictions of krishna...none look anything like in that video....just seemed manipulative? i could be wrong, dont know much about ancient religions of india.

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