Judge dismisses Jehovah's Witness' "wrongful life" lawsuit - Dr. saved live with a blood transfusion

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  • drewcoul

    I would like to know if she thanks Jehovah for being alive today........Just think of the implications of her thanking Jehovah for each day she gets to spend with her husband and children.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    are you effing kidding me?


    I shouldn't be surprised.

    And some people think JWs are NOT a dangerous cult. Wake up, please!

    The Oracle


    It`s always a Win for the WBT$.. It`s always a Lose for JW`s

    Dead JW..Good for WBT$ Advertising.....Win Dead JW..Dead JW ....Lose

    JW wins Court Case..WBT$ looks good.....Win JW Wins Court Case..JW`s look like Idiots..Lose

    JW loses Court Case..WBT$ claims JW Persecution.....Win JW Loses court case..JW`s look like Idiots.....Lose

    ..................;-) ...OUTLAW

  • Rabbit

    "...wrongful life..." damn, what a MOUTHFUL that judge said. He didn't sound too happy. And, since it was a NY State Supreme Court making the ruling it should stick.

    I hope she has to pay all the legal costs for the doc & hospital.

    Outlaw, I think you have it correct -- the WT likes to have all the bases covered, they hedge all their bets. My JW mom was a victim to their ever-changing blood policy -- I consider it (their belief) to be premeditated murder. After she died -- they changed their rules/laws -- they said "hemoglobin" was OK, just a mere "conscience matter".

    The Watchtower won, because, while moms heart monitor was still giving that long, l-o-n-g monotone indicating "lose", death was here...my JW relatives who came to watch this spectacle started making little up-lifting (to each other) comments: "I'm so sad this happened, but...dontcha know Jehovah & Jesus are looking down right now -- smiling -- pleased that she remained 'faithful to the end'? Now we know she'll be resurrected -- and if we only stay faithful like her, we'll see her again ! "

    All thru the room were comments like that and then, the "Yeps, uh-huh's, that's right..." I thought it was sickening...imagine all my non-jw's ? They could not believe what was happening. But, they were respectful.

    The WT won that battle. They killed my mom cause she was "faithful". They set up the other JW's to fail & die, too. A "faithful sacrifice/example has been given". WT will probably win those battles, too.

    I'm out now, my sweet never-been-a-dub new wife almost died last year. She needed and received a blood transfusion -- she lived. It was like watching my mom die -- in reverse.

    The Watchtower Corporation will never win with us.

  • Hortensia

    well, if she's that upset about being alive, she could take care of it quite easily.

    She gets to have her cake and eat it too - she's alive (and I bet she's not unhappy about that) and she sues the doctor to look good for the wtbts

  • BluesBrother

    I have often heard it said that if a doctor gave a blood transfusion against "our wishes", then "we" could sue them for assault, malpractice or the like. Now somebody has and they lost. Quite right too.

    I wonder..New York location....HLC , I wonder if Brooklyn were behind all this?

  • Rabbit

    That's exactly what I was wondering. The only other place she may be able to appeal to is the US Supreme Court...hmmm...

    Do you hear the chanting... "persecution-persecution" ?

  • rebel8

    She signed a health-care proxy in 1995 explicitly directing she not receive any "allogenic" blood transfusions.

    While I am totally happy with the outcome of the lawsuit, I am surprised the hospital is not in a bit more trouble.

    The pt expressed her wishes in writing in advance of the medical event. She was awake and cognizant during the procedure. Asking her husband is not the legal way it's done in New York State--the pt's wishes were already expressed and she was still awake to clarify or restate them. The decision does not turn to the spouse unless the pt is not able to state her wishes herself.

    Their only defense is the pt nodded, witnessed only by the people who were being sued. She states she does not recall doing that. So the only proof is her written wishes executed in 1995.

    And ironically, their proof is based on their claim that she was able to state her wishes herself (by nodding), so therefore the husband's wishes were moot.


    Hey Rabbit..

    You`ve suffered a Terrible Loss..

    The WBT$ got Great Advertising,another Dead JW..

    It`s just so Messed Up..


  • james_woods

    The WBT$ got Great Advertising,another Dead JW..

    The WBT$ really likes persecution and misfortune - just so long as it does not reach up to Brooklyn, Patterson, or the NY Farm.

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