Disgusting thing standing in a holy place

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  • One Father
    One Father

    This letter was addressed to the organization, 08-03-2011

    Dear Organizers and Overseers of the congregated,
    And to any others that these serious matters may concern,

    This letter is addressed to you with sincerity and good intent. Please, we humbly plead to you, to take these matters to heart and mind!
    The Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses will soon, possibly within days, weeks, or perhaps a few short months see its collapse! This said legal decree is by Jehovah God, The Almighty Himself, and not by any mortal man, angel, or other power. This organization that has loosely ornamented the name of God has come to her judgment by The God of Armies. The following will address why THE modern day earthly-spiritual city of Jerusalem will see its destruction. Please Reference Revelation chapter 11 and other chapters of that last written scroll.

    Many (unnumbered) of the congregated people of the various nations gathered among you do not realize and know that this organization has been under THE Satanic influence for some time. This influence, was named by both Jesus and his Apostles as The Lawless One, this Lawless One is the administrator of that which is called THE Disgusting Thing.
    The disgusting thing mentioned by both the angel of Daniel's scroll and Jesus, and the angel in the scroll of Revelation. The disgusting thing is "the worship of man" also known as IDOLATRY. The scroll of Luke says, what is lofty in man's eyes is a disgusting thing to God. Luke 16:15 - And he said to them, "You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For what is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God. And ALSO there in Isaiah 2:11 - The haughty looks of man shall be brought low, and the lofty pride of men shall be humbled, and the LORD alone will be exalted in that day.

    The Apostle Paul by inspiration from the Lord was impelled to say that the "Lawless One" acts as a god, and seats himself in the throne of The God. As you read those verses take careful note that the lower case god refers to man's creation or admiration, but that the upper case "G" in God refers to The Almighty Creator. There the "god" or Lawless one has seated himself at God's throne acting as god to the gathered nations. What is most noteworthy is that he has been given this position by Satan himself and has seated himself as the idol amongst God's temple or holy place; this is how he exists in such close proximity to those who fear and love their true God and also before those who dishonor THE true God. Jehovah has allowed the operation of error to occur! Some will fall by the destruction of the old temple and order, and others will repent and glorify The God of gods, and the King of kings! The temple of God is the people, their very bodies and lives belong to Jehovah, God is Spirit (love) and desires to be worshiped in spirit and truth, within each human, and not by or in law of religious doctrine written in the cold hearts of man. Here at the temple (within mankind), is where His celestial government begins its rulership, the nation of true hearts is the capital city sort of speaking of His administration, this consists of The Lord Jesus, THE installed king of God and the chosen holy ones who will be with him. This kingdom will NOT be ruled by mortal flesh, each son of God must put on the flawless robe of incorruption! This is referenced from Paul's letters and Daniel chapters 7 and 8 accordingly! The mentioned 2300 days and evenings is about DUE! The temple will be cleansed, with fire and wind! After the collapse or determined destruction of the old order and organization led by man, Jehovah will set up the celestial administration to further carry out His plans. This divine determination is not only for this place and people, but ALSO for the entire earth and the world of mankind! Some among you and in loftier positions of oversight are dear and near to The Father, but you are the "captive ones" who must flee and GET OUT OF HER! We AGAIN warn you brothers and sisters to be AWARE and ready when the time calls for you to obey and kneel before THE King and His fellow kings!
    AS of NOW, you must heed the warning to GET OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!
    You will see the glory of God's kingdom! This kingdom IS NOT of MAN'S CREATION! The Wild Beast that you heard of with the symbol of 666 represents the counterfeit kingdom designed to look like God's kingdom on earth, this was and still is the plot of sinister agents, the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is and was the testing ground for this scheme along with other organized groups of the world. The United Nations may very well play a major role in this maneuver. For many long years God has allowed these wicked seeds to be implanted among you, and now the HARVEST IS RIPE!
    The scrolls reveal that at the appointed time, AFTER the constant feature of true worship is removed and the Lord is "killed off" that, a time, times and half a time would pass. That Time has now passed! The 7th Trumpet of God's Announcement is On the DOOR STEP!

    Many among you will not believe these things, but this too was foretold, and it says according to Jesus' parable, that the "rich man" (the praised ones) and those with him would not believe it even IF the dead (exiled sons of God) were to return to you with divine messages, So the greater Abraham (JAH) basically says to them that do not believe, "go and read what Moses and the prophets spoke!" Obviously by that time God is angry and fed up with the disgusting condition of their hearts! For not only have they allowed their worship to be corrupted with the praising of man and in particular the obsessed and constant praises to elders, governing members, publishers, and the so called faithful and discreet slave, BUT also because the "orphans, widows, and fatherless boys were mistreated and neglected" to a degree that their cries reached heaven and God could not allow DELAY any longer to answering them and their pleads for justice! Even the foreigners were ill treated as the "worldly" who are beneath the so called honor of this organization, ALSO those who have erred and were disfellowshipped were not treated with honor nor mercy, as a loving father and siblings should treat a hurt family member who suffers an illness (sin and weakness of flesh as ALL HAVE). The hypocrisy because of mistreatment to the weak is and WAS the FINAL "straw that broke the camel's back". Did you not know that our Celestial Father hears the cries of the down trodden? This came at such a time when the sons of God tried to warn them and tell them about such matters, however they were looked upon as the younger "self proclaimed" anointed ones who are not really legitimate sons of Jehovah. So the prophecy was foretold here too: In summary, "that they will dishonor you and me, and they will not feed you nor clothe you, although you are the least of my brothers." All such ways of the OLD order (temple) are NOT reflections of God's mercy, His Love, and His wisdom!

    BE WARNED fellows and dear ones, GET OUT NOW, and those AMONG you with ill intentions, may you speedily get double the portion of God's wrath Now Coming!
    The Lord is HERE, PRESENT, and COMING!

  • Finally-Free
    The Lord is HERE, PRESENT, and COMING!

    So am I.


  • cantleave

    Whoever wrote that was as nuts as the Watchtower Society themselves.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    may you speedily get double the portion of God's wrath Now Coming!

    Does that come with any sides? I really wanted some brocolli or rice pilaf with that.

  • cptkirk

    just seemed to perfect after skimming through that letter, seeing a parrot wearing a santa claus hat.

  • mummatron

    Um, is that Godrulz "resurrected"...?

  • MrFreeze

    I think goddrools is back. At least he is posting his own thread instead of hijacking others.

  • AwareBeing

    Here's what it would look like broken up by pictures, and in color.


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Not Goddroolz I reckons as he was all for Jesus being God, ..not Jehovah.

  • mummatron

    My teacher's spidey-sense was set off by the writing styles. They're very similar. I just ran this post and one of Godrulz's through I Write Like and both gave the result as Dan Brown! LOL

    If my Uni network account hadn't been suspended while my course is on hiatus I'd have run them through Turnitin to get a more accurate result.

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