all you guys,are you A Joseph? Day after day she beg you to lie with her.

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  • jam

    Joseph was A young handsome and good -looking.

    He wasn,t married, his boss wife is all over him.

    Each day, Joseph please lie with me.

    OK here is the wife of the boss, you dam if

    do and dam if you don,t. We know what happen

    she could not take it anymore, rip off his robe

    he run out naked. How many of you would react

    the same as Joseph.

    Two things, first Joseph realize this woman is A

    nut, she will be the death of me, or she was A

    (may we say) very very plain looking woman.

    Joseph,s integrity wasn,t for God, but for his

    Boss. A slave sleeping with the master wife,

    that,s A no no.

  • DesirousOfChange

    young handsome and good -looking.....He wasn,t married, his boss wife is all over him.

    I'd just be happy if MY WIFE was all over me!

  • mummatron
    Joseph,s integrity wasn,t for God, but for his Boss. A slave sleeping with the master wife, that,s A no no.

    An orgasm and being flogged to death for it, versus day-in day-out nagging from a desperate housewife, keeping your job and your LIFE. Hmmm, I know which one I'd have chosen!

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    She probably was fine, being that she was the wife of a big whig. The job I have right now is my very first white collar job and one of the first things I noticed was this. The prettier the woman was working there, the bigger her engagement ring was. Nothings changed since what went on in the ancient world. Potiphar's wife was probably a dime piece, perfect 10, and she was beggin Joseph to give up the goods. Me personally, I've never been in that situation, but if I was, I'd hope I do the same thing Joseph did. I did a thread some time ago about an older woman who's engaged yet is giving me the ok. She's mine for the taking, and to be honest its very tempting. She knows what she's doing, and I've been starting to avoid her as I'm not trying to mess up. It's just plain wrong, and unpractical for me at this time.

    Something else that would help me avoid having an affair with a married woman is this. I'm not a big fan of sloppy seconds even after a woman's relationship with someone else is over. I realize that my outlook is skewed, and I don't want to make women seem like used cars, or hand-me-down-clothes, don't get me wrong. It's just that when a woman has been in a long term relationship, and is now available to me, something about that bothers me. An affair with a still-married woman would be more difficult for me to accept because not only would my conscience bother me, but it would disgust me that somebody else is kissing her, and having sex with her I don't believe in sharing, I'm very selfish on that end of things and I believe I have the right to be. The thought of me kissing a woman who's already married, and the possibility that his meat was in her mouth on the same day I'm kissing her would be too much to bear. Naw, I don't think I could do that.

  • Adso

    I surprised he could run at all. His balls must've been swollen beyond recognition.

  • jam

    No Room for George: There is no reason for you young

    men today to get mix up with A married women, to many

    single women out there. Very dangerous game, never

    turn out good.

    Adso: I was thinking the same thing. I,am sure he

    had A girlfriend.

  • prologos

    while avoiding the dumbing down at the meeting today I glanced through the Nov ! "SATAN" Watchtower, and Joseph. page 13:

    "-Was Joseph temped--The Bible gives us no reason to assume that Joseph was immune to the deires and drives common to young men , or that this woman, the pampered wife of a wealthy and influential court official was physically UNDESIRABLE.--- the material advantage that such a liaison might offer?-"

    WT writers like to turn this episode into a lesson, dramas have been staged about the situation, but really, what image is truthful?

    Tempting woman are shown in the bible by their allure, their shape, and the attractiveness of Joseph is prominentely mentioned. The appearance of her, is discreetely treated with silence. Potophar perhaps got the position by marying a long time ago into that rich family. (A hard way to earn a living).

    The wt phrase "-- material advantage of such a liaison--" alludes to that, may be she offered him a pay-off, benefits from her family on the side?

    wt calls & pictures her as a "determined seductress" , but

    her often repeated words: " Lie down with me!" , are words not of a seductress, but of an owner giving orders to a slave.

    a case of sexual harassment on the job rather than a bona fide seduction attempt.

    Of course the warning is good for young ones not to be opportunistic in their sex life, as appealing or not the offer may be.

    a plug for the "two witness rule", it would have settled the rape accusation issue, and

    would - be lovers beware,-- there is no fury, than a woman spurned ( freely from 1700 England )

    so: Joseph was propositioned, ordered even, but not tempted.

    Avoid being propositioned, sue them for sexual harassment instead

  • stillin

    I don't think of myself as a Joseph, but I guess there are some similarities.

    my wife no longer is interested in sex so, in a sense, I am single. Not a good marriage at all.

    A certain single woman of substantial means has made very clear overtures (unbelievably clear!) that she would like to know me much better. She is good to look at and we get along well together. But I realize that I would be guilty of betrayal and not keeping my promise. It's true that my wife is already not keeping her promise by cutting me off, but I still don't want the guilt of knowing that I went that far. I already feel guilty about sneaking out to lunch with this other lady.

    Am I a Joseph? Maybe. he could probably have had that woman every day for a while until she tired of him and had him thrown in prison anyway. So I have to consider that this new woman in my life may tire of me, like my wife has, and chuck me off to the side of the road. Just so I could have some hot sex for a few months and break up what little I have put together with my wife.

    maybe I'm just practical.

  • Apognophos

    prologos, good point. The Society just loves to think they can read between the lines of the Bible accounts. 'Well, it doesn't not say this, and we can reasonable assume that this was the case...'.

  • Vidiot

    stillin - "my wife no longer is interested in sex..."

    That seems to be pretty common amongst XJW guys with still-in-and-loyal wives..

    I suspect many of those wives are being deliberately frigid in the hopes that their "apostate" husbands will give up and go sleep with someone else, so that they can be "scripturally free" to divorce, remarry, and avoid looking bad in the eyes of their peers.

    Apognophos - "The Society just loves to think they can read between the lines of the Bible accounts. 'Well, it doesn't not say this, and we can reasonable assume that this was the case...'."

    'Specially if it reinforces their ideology.

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