Unbelievable! Two prayers and encouraging words in the last two days

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  • Ding


    Glad to hear of these great experiences.

    The WT poisons the minds of JWs against churches -- satanism, demons, Babylon the Great, snake handling, greed, hypocrisy, etc.

    It's also easy to project the legalism of the WT onto the churches and assume that all of them are the same or worse.

    Since you found that pastor to be loving and helpful and not pushy, I'd suggest cultivating a friendship with him.

    He seems to understand your need to process things in your own way and at your own pace.

    If you ever do attend a service at his church and get upset by something, talk to the guy about it so he knows what's bothering you.

    Remember that a lot of Christians are totally unaware of things that would be negative triggers for someone with a JW background -- crosses, collection plates, praying to Jesus, calling Jesus God, emotional services, and the like.

    All that stuff is just normal to them.

    So if you encounter stuff like that, don't just run away; talk to this pastor about it; sounds like he's an understanding and caring guy who needs your help to understand what you're going through and working through.

    If you'd like to PM me about any of what I've said, feel free.

  • Honesty

    There are a lot of loving people out there no matter what lies the WTBTS tell.

    And there is fulfilling life for people who leave the JW cult.

  • Nickolas

    Some may feel they were only trying to get me to go to their church.

    Yes, that did come to mind while I read your account, TADD.

    But that was not the case.

    But how does one tell? Any proficient recruiter will do what these two did with you. They will show sensitivity, compassion, understanding, patience and sincerity. The love bombing technique is used in many religious organisations, including the Watchtower. You would not otherwise be attracted to their religion. I am not saying either of these prospective "opportunities" is wrong for you - they may very well lead to a greater sense of peace and fulfillment in your life - but it could be you would be trading one set of irrational beliefs for another. I tend to get a little suspicious when someone representing some sort of product (in this case a different flavour of Christianity) disparages a similar product, simply because his objectivity is called into question. Even when what he is saying about the other religion is irrefutable, he will not be candid about what others might have found lacking in his own church. Maybe that doesn't matter, so long as the church you associate with does no harm to others. But by all means rely mostly on your own mind and intuition to find your way.

    my 2ยข

  • Nobleheart

    Nice to hear about your positive experiences T ADD.

    I wasn't a Christian but I used to attend church services time and again before I became a JW. I did meet many people who were friendly & loving and I remember the atmosphere was warm and more accepting than at the KH.

    When I was studying with my family they told me 'love was the identifying mark of true christians'. Having a positive experience at churches, I was imagining attending the KH would be phenomenal. After the first few meetings, I realized there wasn't much love shown, it was a business like atmophere with a diligence on proper timing of set talks. So I asked my family "Where is the love, how are these true christians by Bible standarts?" They were surprised because the KH was all they knew.

  • TotallyADD

    Nobleheart: That is my problem the KH is all I know. I am sure if I attend a church I will be mildly surprised. At any rate if it is like what I experience this last weekend it should be a positive day.

    Nickolas: I am with you on your thoughts. I will be very careful about all this. Like any business you always but up a good face when it comes to your product. But then what if they really do care? I would be a fool not to find out. Caution will be my middle name.

    Honesty: I can see that now. Life is worth living. Getting to know other people and what they believe.

    Ding: Wise counsel. If I do feel uncomfortable about something I will go to the pastor and talk to him instead of running away. Thank you for the invite to PM you. I will in the next few days.

    talesin: Happy to make your day. I thought many would like this story. I see so much sadness and anger on this forum I just wanted to bring up something positive. Thank you for your well wishes.

    Again so much encouraging thoughts and warnings. I feel this is the best of what all of us give on this forum. Our experience in life and the cult gives you all so much wisdom. I would be a fool not to listen to all of you had to say. Thank you so much. Totally ADD P.S. I just notice I have been replying back backwards. To tell you the truth it is easier for me. That ADD LOL

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    You must let us know if you & Reopened decide to try another church....I do not have the balls to walk into another church yet-

    Like you, being a born-in I am very fearful of walking into another church...its not like now I think demons are hiding in the rafters or anything....but the thought makes me feel very uneasy.

    Coffee Shop Guy goes to a nondenominational & has been very happy there for some time, it is true that many religious people are not pushy about their faith- if they are happy in their particular religious community they are happy to talk about it if you ask...but my experience attending a "christian university" tells me that most all christians believe that every individual is on their own journey...and they have to make their own decisions about God, faith, and church- the "world" is not judgemental, and most wish you peace and hope you find your own way on that path...

    I hope you take your time, do your research, and do what is comfortable for you...you don't have to be in a hurry (its not like armageddon is coming soon)

    I am also glad you are finding friends on the outside....I know that is hardest for me too

    Thanks for the experience,


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Awesome set of experiences, TotallyADD.

    I am particularly glad that you seem to be enjoying the kindness and friendship as genuine HUMAN kindness and friendship and not trying to attribute invisible non-falsifiable forces as the cause of your recent edifying experiences. Beautiful human relationships are quite spectacular in their own right. I am happy that you are enjoying them.

  • TotallyADD

    Mad Sweeney: Yes it was a cause of happiness. Even today our landlord for the building we are renting for our business. Is bending over backwards to help us with the local govt. to get things going. He is well know and has some pull. He did not have to do that but he just wants to. If we had a JW landlord all he would want to know is when is our next rent check due.

    Coffee House Girl: It was nice talking to you the other day with my wife. The church we might go to is also a nondenominational church. Which makes it a little more easier to try. It's very small. The pastor told us they have only about 35 people who attend. Yes we will do our research and be very careful. I don't want to end up in another cult. Which I don't think this church is. Even though Reopened Mind professes no belief becuase she went back to what she was before becoming a JW. I on the other hand as a born-in have not had the opportunity to search or nurture a belief system except what was forced on me in the JW cult. So this is a learning experience to me. Something I have never done before. Time will only tell for me.

    Thank you both for your insightful comments. I learned even more today. Totally ADD

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