Unbelievable! Two prayers and encouraging words in the last two days

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  • TotallyADD

    On Friday morning I got a phone call from someone who was interested in buying a utility trailer I had for sale. The man came over and looked at it and ended up buying it. I invited him inside our home to fill out the paper work. In our conversation he brought out he was a pastor of a local church. It turn out to be the church my wife went to when she was a little girl. He started bringing up names of people my wife remember. I asked him if he went to a seminary. He said yes he had a master in theology, taught theology in college, and had study greek and hebrew for three years. He asked me why I wanted to know. So for the next two hours my wife and I told him our story of being a JW and fading away. He was so understanding and loving to us. His words to us were very encouraging to both of us. Of course he invited us to his church which is a nondenominational church. But he said only when you feel comfortable doing it. No pressure. He told us what we really need are good friends who will show us unconditional friendship and love. We gave him a copy of "COC". He was very appreciative of the gift and said he would read it and return it back to us. He asked if he could say a paryer for us and we agree to it. In his prayer he mention our move the stress we are going through leaving the WT and our new business. I have never in all my life been shown so much understanding and love. I just could not get over it. It really made my day.

    The next day during the evening a person I have been trying to develop a friendship with called me about some business interest we have. During the conversation he started telling me the chruch he goes to was having studies on diffrent religions. And how some are cults. I asked him which ones. The first one we brings out is JW. He starts telling me the lies they say and the child abuse that takes place with them. I hesitated for a moment and said to him I have been wanting to tell him for a long time that I was a Ex JW. This ended in another 2 hour discussion about our former beliefs and what JW really teach. He wanted me to give a talk about JW at his chruch. I told him not now but maybe down the road. Again he was very understanding and consoling to me and was happy I told him our story and our friendship we have. He goes to a Alliance Church. I was able to tell him what it was like to be raised in the JW cult. And how it has affected my life for the worse. But now I am making a complete break from it. He was so happy for me. And he understood it will take a long while before I would even consider going to another church because of what I have been through. At the end of the conversation he asked if he could say a prayer for me I agreed. In his prayer he mention the difficult problem I am dealing with leaving the JW cult and how happy he was to be my friend. Again I could not believe it in 2 days I was shown such love and understanding. It all brought tears to my eyes. Some may feel they were only trying to get me to go to their church. But that was not the case. They both understood it will take along time for us to heal and what we went through and are still going through will take alot of time for us to get over.

    Again just proving to myself that the WT has lied to me about how so called worldly people are only bad and only think of themselves. I just thought you would like to here a uplifting story. Totally ADD

  • Sulla

    Turns out, there are some good people out there who are not JWs. All is not bleakness and despair outside of the Oragnization. Good to hear.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I Totally understand ADD.......something very similar happened to me when I first faded . The real love and concern I was shown helped me so much early on when I was so lonely and angry with the WTS . It was something I needed at the time .

    At the time I even believed maybe God was showing me I was right about fading ,and that there were Christians out there that really did display true Christian love.

    I had several talks with a pastor and attended his church for a brief period . It was a good,positive experience ,and opened my eyes on how wrong the Witnesses are about other religions . The concern and love for each other was comforting and something I longed for , However , I just don't feel the same euphoriaas others in worshipping an unseen spirit creature . I came to the realization that I just don't believe that way . Who knows if that will ever change ,but for right now I just don't feel the need for religion .

    Good luck with your journey and discovering what is next ffor you and your family .

    P.S. ( I always wanted to be asked to give my experience as a Witness to the Church congregation ,I hope you get to do it )

  • HappyDad

    This is a good report TADD,

    My story is similar to yours and that is why I'm a Christian today and attend my church regularly. I have found more love in the Christian churches than I ever had in over 30 years going to a KH.


  • paulnotsaul

    D this is a great. I remember talking to you about this little church your wife attended. What a small world, huh. Divine intervention? My wife and I are looking forward to our visit. Seeyasoon. paulnotsaul

  • NewChapter

    Nice ADD. When I left the org, I really missed the community, but I didn't believe in a god anymore. Still I went to a Unitarian Universalist church where it's okay to doubt or not believe. The people have been amazing and open. No judgement, just kindness. I've seen them be there for each other---even though they all have vastly different beliefs.

    The WT lied to us and made us leery of people on the outside. They told us that everyone believing the exact same things is the only way to unity. Isn't it nice to learn how deep that lie ran?


  • MrFreeze

    Well he's a member of Babylon the Great so death to this nice fellow!

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    That is a great story to read. Thanks for sharing it, and all the best for your new business!

  • TotallyADD

    Broken Promises: Yes this really made my week. I was down wondering if anyone really cared and this just happen to us. It has given the boost I needed to continue on. Thank you for your best wishes on our new business.

    MrFreeze: I think the only Babylon the Great there is, is the one in Brooklyn.

    NewChapter: The WT lie does run very deep. All those lost freindships through the years because of the lie. Now I know.

    paulnotsaul: You remember. Thats great. It was a great weekend because of this experience. Looking forward to seeing you guys on Sept. 3.

    HappyDad: I am still a little hesitant about going to a church. But Reopened Mind and I are talking about it. Only time will tell. It's my life time of brain washing I have to get past.

    troubled mind: Thank you for your experience. I may be going down the same path. I can't say I will never give a talk of JW in a church. It's more like when will I feel right about doing it. On my 1,000 mile quest I am on I am about 450 miles into it. I glad to hear others had the same experience.

    Sulla: Hello. It's good to meet you. Yes in JW land everybody is evil except them and even then they teach you to be suspicious of others in JW land. So when you come across this kindness outside the cult it really helps you to see the lie the WT espouses.

    Thank you all for your comments I hope this thread gives others the encouragement to find friend outside the JW cult. All we have to do is reach out and trust someone to talk to. It does take alot of courage but it is well worth it. Totally ADD

  • talesin

    ADD, what a great story to read on a Monday morning! The world is filled with loving people.

    For over 3 years, I was custodian for one of the local Lutheran churches (had to give it up in the spring cause of my foot), and the pastor there has been so kind to me. She is aware of the shunning practices of JWs, and has encouraged me, and been a real touchstone, and never cared about my 'g*dlessness'. These new friends of yours are 'real' Christians,,,, they emulate Christ, and are kind and caring.

    I'm happy things are going well with the business. You deserve all the best!


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