In Lima, Peru 15 year old JW child commits suicide

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  • mutinyinheaven

    this topic is so important to keep discussing and bringing to the public, as well as trying to reach out to jw teens in the hopes that they look to boards like this.

    i've had a few close friends kill themselves while growing up in the jws, and i had major suicidal thoughts through most of my teens and early 20s while in the jws.

    years later they still ripple through.

    thank you for posting this.


    Tony DuShane

  • sizemik

    I studied briefly with a teenage boy . . . he was extraordinarily talented artistically, and quickly became my eldest sons best friend. He hung himself in his garage one morning. He had been declined for baptism after all the other youths his age had been accepted. Long story of petty grudges.

    The strain for young people of being marginalised from their "worldly" peers is hard enough. Being made to feel not good enough among the JW's leaves you with . . . nothing. There are some people I still genuinely hate on account of it . . . I can't help it. Just like I couldn't help him. I was done with the JW's from that moment. They kill children.

  • yrkdnme

    This disgusts me to the point of tears. I suffered so much emotional turmoil at the hands of my parents, other witnesses, and the rules and regulations of the WTBS. I suffered with major depression as a child and teenager due to this. I also developed Borderline Personality Disorder due to these conditions growing up. I remember wanting to die as a teenager and young adult, several hospitalizations, years of therapy and medication. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Everytime I have any dealings with these people I go right back into depression mode. So glad I am fianally free from the clutches of ignorance and abuse! If only I could have helped this young girl. Oh, how sad this makes me. I can only hope her parents wake up and realize what has happened here. I lost my uncle and two cousins (by marriage) to suicide. I put full blame on the WTBS for all three. Angry and saddened by this. Kelly N.

  • Darkside Blues
    Darkside Blues

    This angers and saddens me. And this poor victim will be held up as an example of why "young ones" shouldn't leave the organization. They'll pin the blame on her for her troubles, not the WT. *headdesk*

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