Jehovah's Witnesses with OBVIOUS drinking problems?

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  • thetrueone

    I have to say that in my experience , JWs do tend to drink a lot more moderately than the population at large. On the occasions that I organized congregation get together or had JWs around , we always seemed to have too much drink left over at the end. I organized a JW wedding reception a few years ago and ended up carrying half the booze back home in my van. If the same number of non-JWs had been at the party , I'd have needed to replenish supplies after 20 minutes.

    Another compiling bit of bias bullshit from a known JW.

    and how many WORDILY weddings have you bought and supplied liquor for ?

    How much booze would you assume that would be consumed at another church based get together ?

    I've been to plenty of both JW and non-JWS and really I didn't observe any difference accept to how

    many were attending and what were the age demographics.

    In addition to being JWS during my late teens and early 20's I witnessed allot of people consuming alcohol in the same range as


    To all you dedicated JWS out there trying pull a white sheet over yourselves and the rest of your fellow members, there are people here

    dedicated to revealing the REAL truth about the JWS and in its entirety from the top, down to the bottom.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I'm not gonna say JWs drink more than nonJWs, or less because there's no hard data to support either statement. The same with depression or suicide rates amongst nonJW or JWs. We simply just don't know. However, I think it goes without saying that there are plenty of JWs with drinking problems, myself included. I just had a physical including blood work done, and a urine analysis, and my doctor didn't email me the results for a few days, and being honest with you, my liver was on the back of my mind. I have to say that this past year and a half is when I started REALLY drinking, and much of it is the result of learning the truth about The Truth. Somedays its simple, other days its hell, and to soothe the latter, it takes alcohol, and the occasional Alprazolam, or Diphenhydramine. Before really examining this religion, I was anxious which I've always been, and many a day I was angry, but I couldn't quite pinpoint why. Now I know, and its strange fruit playing both sides of the fence with this religion. Alcohol is self-therapy for a JW. I've known a couple brothers who died over complications with other conditions such as diabetes, however it shouldn't be lost that they both had well known drinking problems which did not help their conditions. To this day my father believes that the mother of one brother directly contributed to his death by getting drunk with him.

    I know a brother and his wife who would travel with a couple other JW couples. One year, they took my uncle with them, and when he got back he told all of us about how much drinking they did. He stated that they decided to go to a KH on a Sunday while out fo town, and that you could smell the alcohol off of one sister in their group, and this was 2 rows away from her while they were singing the opening song. Now, the original brother I mentioned, has nonJW relatives that are old friends of my father. My dad relayed to me that he tried witnessing to one of those friends, and she laid into him about her JW relatives drinking all the while being self-righteous. She said that, this JW and his wife, wouldn't attend a wedding in a church, but when they went to the reception later on, they drank more than everyone else in attendance. She labeled them correctly, as self righteous hypocrites. I know this brother and his wife, and they're not reallyself righteous, only stuck on stupid when it comes to entering churches. You know, the whole lurking place of demons thing, Babylon the Great, yadda yadda yadda. However, you can see where the nonJW woman was coming from in seeing the hypocracy.

  • jamiebowers

    I heard from my non-jw aunt that an elder and his pioneer wife owned a little sandwich shop that also sold beer. It was common knowledge that they both drank heavily, because they did it in public. Ironically, they didn't lose their "privileges" for that but because they spoke to their df'd adult daughter. I've heard of a few others in different congregations that were heavy drinkers, but who could blame them? I'd probably be a drunk too if I was still a jw.

  • lovelylil

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I brought this up because there are literally dozens of liquor stores in the area that this couple lives in. They live in my neighborhood and we practically have a liquor store on every corner. But yet I spotted them several towns a way and buying a HUGE amount of booze. This seemed suspicious to me.

    Also because the hall they attend has always been loaded with problem drinkers. I attended there for 10 years myself. (not a big drinker though)

    I wondered if anyone else knew of Witnesses that traveled to other areas to buy their booze or if perhaps you did the same thing so no one was in your business?

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George
    I wondered if anyone else knew of Witnesses that traveled to other areas to buy their booze or if perhaps you did the same thing so no one was in your business?

    The city I reside in is big enough where I don't worry about someone seeing me copping a bottle of something. Even if I did run into another dub somewhere while I'm stocking up, I wouldn't be embarrased or ashamed. If they asked, I'd politely ask them, "The f#$# does it look like I'm doing?" Joking, however one thing though, when I take out the trash the night before the garbage men collect recyclables, i double up on the bags with bottles or cans so nobody can see what's in the bag. That's really the only precautionary measure I take when it comes to alcohol.

  • thetrueone

    Since heavy boozing is frowned upon in the JW faith, drinking kind of goes very much in doors, out and away from the body of the congregation itself.

    Thats why you do not see heavy drinking at JW weddings and parities. There's always an elder walking around eyeing up everyone .

    But certain behaviors change when secluded and away from the congregation, that I know for sure.

    This is also why the Jw apologetics who've commented on this thread say that Jw do not overly consume alcohol.

    They are indoctrinated to support their organization and its apparent structured public image.

  • Joliette

    Majority of J-Dubs=Drunks.

    The only way for many of them to cope since 'Da End' has not come yet.

  • jam

    My kids told me their mom (my ex and A JW) is A alcoholic,

    she drinks several glasses of wine A day and the hard stuff

    on the weekends. Since I left the borg. I stop drinking.

    Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with A little

    fermentation, to each his own. But the irony with my ex,

    she is known as A spiritual strong sister, she and her

    husband. They celebrate the Memorial each night.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    This thread makes me want to drink. I feel like the old man in Snoop's Gin & Juice video talkin bout, "He drink too much!!! He make me drink!!"

  • jam

    Yes Gin & juice, in the days before Viagra. A great aphrodisiac

    but A hell of A hangover.

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