Convention drama

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  • Bonnie_Clyde

    In a few days I will be posting what the "perfect JW family" life did to one of the children of a family in our area. The funeral was yesterday. Right now I'm just too angry.

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    This report makes me think that this drama may have been written by a conscious class JW who wants parents to come to their senses and realise how inadequate the WTS is to train their youngsters to tackle the real problems they will have to face in their lifes.

  • lovelylil

    All the WT's dramas are stupid, they are not based in reality at all. Thanks for posting this. There is NO WAY that anyone can voluntarily cut their work hours in this economy and still have a job! Many people are doing double duty as it is at work and trying not to make any waves because they need their jobs so badly. Peace, Lilly

  • clarity

    Bonnie_clyde (())


    JimmyPage ...

    "One of the most shocking things was that the "worldly" boy the girl is interested in says he looked JWs up on the internet and found that they are a cult"

    If they mention the "CULT" word first ... the shock value wears off, and then if we mention it ... well... their minds have already dealt with it and dismissed it.

    I hate this cult!!!!!!


  • clarity

    Gorbatchov, so agree with you ... didn't like assemblies and always hated the dramas.

    I do love to see live theatre, but aside from the content, the difference is in the portrayal of the charactors.

    The watchtower drones look and move like zombies, trying to throw their arms around in sinque with a recording, completely lacking in believeability!!

    In the feeble attempt to spruce up an already dead endeavour(aka assembly) you have to ask "why bother?"


  • WTWizard

    The problem is that we were born with a set of needs, wants, and potential. Then we are supposed to give that all up, disregard it totally, and go for a set of things that would benefit Jehovah at our expense. They play on the difference between a physical person and a spiritual person--as if they were mutually exclusive.

    I have bad news for them. Some of those "physical" things include food, water, and various other concessions. We cannot live outside a fairly narrow range of temperatures, nor could we live without the right mix of air. Other physical things we need include the paper and ink to read spiritual articles. As for sex, what they are dirtifying is the very thing that allows us to produce more people for them to scam into the cancer--and they denounce it as "physical". And there are other "physical" things that give us pleasure, even though not strictly necessary--I don't think anyone can be as spiritual as possible under absolute austerity.

    Yet, to attain to these things, we need to work. Due to a few parasites in society (a.k.a., Rothschilds) that drain our material things, we have to work that much harder to get those things we actually need. If we cut back on those things beyond a certain point, we are going to run into that austerity that prevents us from fully appreciating things. I don't see the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery bashing the Rothschilds, or holding them responsible for people not being to pio-sneer (or for those that will not hear the message because we are working double hard to hold onto enough to enjoy life). Rather, they blame the people themselves because they are trying to work and secure enough to live on, with a Rothschild-size hole (actually, five of them) in their "pockets". Nothing that can be done about those holes.

    Even without those parasites, people are more able to appreciate spiritual things when they are in a relative abundance of material things. When there is a shortage of something we need, our thoughts are toward obtaining those articles. If things are relatively abundant, we now have time to appreciate them--along with spiritual things. (Of course, with those Rothschild-holes in our pockets, it makes extra work holding onto wealth.) The more abundance we have, the easier a time we have in appreciating things and having spiritual things fulfilled. Without having to worry about necessities, people are able to pursue spiritual things. And, any God that demands that people pursue spiritual things when they are critically short on necessity items, as if they were in plentiful supply, simply is being mean-spirited, unreasonable, and a big fat tyrant that is even worse than the Rothschilds.

  • NewChapter

    LOL, this reminds me of a zealous young boy I knew. He had aspirations of becoming a missionary, living at bethel, being an elder and maybe one day being a CO. He was hysterical from the stage. They'd ask a couple of young kids what their future goals were and they'd usually say pioneering. Not this little fire ball. He wasn't born in and when he was quite young his mother tried to terminate her study. The sisters turned to leave and the little boy chased them down the driveway begging them to come back.

    Fast forward just a few years---he disasssociated back when they still announced such things. He was a teenager and quite bright. I'm sure he just got on the internet. Maybe he is here. He'll recognize his story if he is.


  • thetrueone

    The operational agenda of the WTS. is getting people to purchase or donate as the arrangement is today and to read their literature,

    plus to get people spreading their literature out to the greater public, through the pioneering work.

    The expressed thinking is that your personal problems are happening because your not doing enough of those proposed things.

    Your involving Satan and his system of things, too much into your life, weakening your spirituality in doing so.

    The cure for this is simply to sit down and read the WTS. literature and immerse yourself with fictional delusion derived

    from the ancient stories of the Judeans and what their god was going to do for THEM.

  • Gorbatchov

    Thanks for your postings! Good to read your observations. I will post tomorrow about the new light presented today (sunday). It was laughing again! With tears in my eyes of deep sadness.

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