Rape can be fornication myth in the 1990s?

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    Band on the Run

    TJ, the Deist,

    Precisely my thoughts that someone thought was the most disgusting thing the person ever heard or could even imagine.

    If I had one dollar for every minute I was frightened by footsteps behind me, esp. in the dark, in corridors where no one else walked, I'd be a billionaire. It must be nice to enjoy a quiet, hidden area of a public park without fearing rape. Men only face the same fear in prison. They don't need to be raped. My fantasy is for them to feel what a woman feels for a period. Attitudes about screaming would change.

    Can anyone imagine Jesus teaching not screaming to stay alive during rape was fornication. It reminds me of one of my favorite feminist stories. NY had a plague of subway crime. An idiot wore a multimillion dollar emerald ring in the subway. Ring was stolen. Gold chains were so hot, the police put up posters not to wear them on a subway so you would not be choked when they were liberated by a hoodlum. Wearing emerald rings is legal. Stealing them is not legal. Golda Meir, retired, responded to Israeli authorities warning women not to walk alone at night b/c of a serial rapist. Walking alone is good and legal. Women should continue to do so. Rape is a violent crime. The authorities should find the rapist rather than tell us to give up our God given rights.

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