Jehovah's Witnesses: A family conversion

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  • Heaven

    This definitely wasn't the way in went in my family. All 3 of us kids saw the bullcrap and got the heck outta Dodge. Only half my Mom's siblings converted, and no one on my Dad's side is 'in'.

    What they don't mention in the article is when the family is 'split', ie, some are JW, some are not, that the family destructs thanks to the JW 'kick your unbelieving family to the curb' ideal.

    Pass the bottle, Nickolas, I feel the urge to hurl.

  • yourmomma

    this article is 100% propaganda.

  • Nickolas

    Why would a newspaper run such obvious propaganda for a religious cult? There are zero comments posted on this article and no way to post one that I can see. There's an icon you can click on if you like the article, but no icon if you don't like it. Is the Herald-Sun owned by the Watchtower? It might make sense. The Watchtower is a publishing company with approximately $1 billion in annual revenues Publishing companies buy other publishing companies (like local newspapers) and these days newspapers are going cheap because they're all hurting from declining readership and lost advertising revenues. It seems to me it would be a wonderful strategy to buy up local newspaper publishers and slip in the odd fawning article about Jehovah's Witnesses. The newspaper staff wouldn't dare mess with their new owners and refuse to publish crap like this. Maybe more cost effective than going door-to-door.

  • mummatron
    The 13 and 15 year old are already baptized..God help them if they behave like normal kids and get DF`d..

    Outlaw, I give it 3 to 4 years before one of those boys discovers girls (or boys) and gets himself into a JC!

  • clarity

    Whoops .....too late

  • sabastious

    Watchtower orchestrated interview and article. Sounds like they got paid off to me.


  • yourmomma

    Nickolas brings up good questions, im not sure how exactly stuff like this happens, but when I see sentances like:

    "We don't think we're any different than anyone else," she said. "We found different answers now, different places to find strength and hope."


    "They check versions of Scripture in different Bible translations, including Greek."

    I call propaganda. Now if its the author, or the newspaper itself I have no idea. Seems like this are creeping up more and more, or it could be the fact that its convention season.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    There is a "comments" link showing 0 comments, and it doesn't go anywhere when clicked.

    Looks like the author is a Dub or has been warned about allowing comments by the Dubs.

  • steve2

    The question of whether there is a direct JW link to the story is not an unreasonable or far-fetched one: Years ago, one of the "brothers" in my local congregation was a photographer for a weekly community newspaper. No surprise that he would subtly - and sometimes no so subtly - feature lovely smiling photos of JWs not necessarily out witnessing - oh no, that would be too obvious and off-putting to the general readership. So, he'd feature them in their daytime jobs and/or show JW mothers with their cute little children at home. Pleasant, pristine, and stripped of any whiff of controversy - lending a kind of spray-painted aura, inducing in the readership a deep sense of what "nice" people these witnesses are. Of course, it wasn't too frequent or in-your-face and they were only occasionally identified as belonging to the "Christian congregation of Jehovah's witnesses". Sadly, when he 'finally' retired from the paper, there were no more propaganda photos and bylines. An insufferable newspaper suddenly became more bearable.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    That story...oh...that poor family...ugh...I feel sick...literally...

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