I'm back!

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  • punkofnice

    Have a big hug from Unky Punky. It'll be nice to have a chat!

  • sizemik

    Welcome back Tammy . . . you have been conspicuous by your absence.

    Which reminds me . . . I haven't seen Talesin lately . . . it's been at least a week or two???

  • leavingwt

    Welcome back. I hope you had a wonderful vacation.

  • Curtains

    hi tammy welcome back

  • mouthy

    Well I should ruddy well think so!!Playing hookey!!!!Tammy
    Of course we missed you...But if you had a great time. Your excused

  • FlyingHighNow

    I dream of doing the same thing, Tammy, referring to the drive. But I'd like to take more than a month. What was the favorite thing you did or saw?

  • tec

    Thank you everyone, for the welcome backs that I went fishing for :P.

    *shamelessly grinning*

    Hugs for everyone, and a hello and welcome to Darren.

    FHN - We met a few people who were taking more than month to do it, as well as seeing a lot of trans-Canada cyclists. We were really busy doing it all in a month. A couple more weeks would have given us more time to savor, I think... but we definitely had fun. I don't know what my favorite part was yet. Still absorbing. I loved that the kids spent a month outside though, and away from video games!!! We all got a tan. We did have a black bear run across the road just a car ahead of us on the way back. That was cool. Also went to the beach... the boys had never seen the ocean before.

    We also went to Hopewell Rocks in NB, totally missed the sign that said 'stay off the mud', and all four of us (five with the dog) sank past our ankles with people looking on and taking pictures as we tried to get free. I haven't tried googling that yet, lol. But there were a LOT of people laughing at us, taking pictures... but we were laughing too.

    Glad to be back though, and with a few days to myself before I have to go back to work ;)



  • punkofnice
    a few days to myself before I have to go back to work

    Ah, work. The curse of the drinking classes!

    Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  • AGuest
    I always wonder about the tagline 'slave of Christ'

    Yeah, I hear you, dear shepherd (peace to you!). I kinda always wonder about people who believe themselves in a position to take "negative" issue with things of which they have little or no knowledge... because they haven't bothered to look it up even though the information is out there. But I am MORE than happy to help you "see" where I'm coming from. I mean, since you brought it up...

    - as if Christ would have slaves

    He did and does, dear one... although HE doesn't refer to them as such; it is THEY who choose to call THEMSELVES such - Revelation 22:8). Personally, I figure that if it's good enough for the arkangel Michael, it's good enough for me. Now, of course, I realize that many Bible versions interpret the Greek word "syndoulos" as "fellow servant", however, the word is derived from the roots "syn" (meaning "with," "beside", etc.)... and "doulos", which means:

    1)a slave, bondman, man of servile condition a) a slave b) metaph., one who gives himself up to another's will those whose service is used by Christ in extending and advancing his cause among men c)devoted to another to the disregard of one's own interests 2) a servant, attendant

    From MY perspective (and since it is something I call MYSELF, it really is only my perspective that counts)... ALL of these accurately describe how I view myself in relation to Christ, dear one. Of course, I do get that we live in a time where being politically correct is desirable; unfortunately, doing so in this case doesn't quite cut it for me... and I'm not at all concerned as to how others feel about that, truly.

    .............and in what way are you tec's servant?

    In any way she needs me to be. What else... and why is it of concern to YOU?

    Very silly language when you think about it....

    To the contrary, I've thought about it quite a bit and it more accurately describes my feelings... and position... than any other word I can think of. Since it is ME... referring to MYSELF, however... I am not sure why YOU have a problem with it. Other than perhaps your own issues, including mental enslavement that causes you to take issue... and, apparently, offense... with mere words that have more connotations than the very limited one I am sure you are referring to (but why is the real question).

    Unless you are Tec's sub :))))))

    Actually, I have no idea what that means, really. Or, again, why this is an issue for YOU. But if it's a derogatory term, I would ask that you refrain... as not doing so is uncalled for... and immature. It's also indicative of WTBTS (or some other) "baggage"... you know, where whenever you don't understand something... or the why of it... you malign and speak abusively of the one engaging in it? Not that you really NEED to know why I call myself whatever I do... but that I do doesn't give you cause to try and put me down. Nor will I simply stand by and let you... without trying to enlighten you, first.

    So, your snarky eye-rolling at what you truly don't understand carries no weight with me, dear one.

    Again, peace to you!

    YOUR servant... and a slave (yep, that's right!) of Christ,

    SA, who apologizes to dear Tec for the brief deviation... but ya'll know how it is...

  • jamiebowers

    Welcome back! Camping...ugh, I'd rather take an ass whippin', but glad you had fun. I haven't seen Snowbird around in a while and don't know what happened to her.

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