I'm back!

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  • tec

    Mwah back atcha!

  • AGuest

    WHOO-HOOO... and it's about dang time, my dear, dear Tams (the greatest of love and peace to you!). All off having "fun" leaving the rest of us here to fend... (rachafracharachafracha!). Of course, I DO hope you enjoyed your vaca and all... and I'm sure you did (and you'll post about it, with pics, right?)... but some here are going to be very glad you're back! I'm sure they'll all let you know over the next couple/few days.

    Update: let's see... Miz Sylvie (peace to you, as well, my sister!) is offline right now due to computer problems (and taking care of her lovely self)... but the rest of us are still here, to some extent or another. Oh! And BP (peace to you, as well!) has semi-joined the "posse"; currently, she has "honorary" member status (but whoo-hoo to that!)... and... and... and...

    Well, it's all here. So, please... take some time, unpack, get the house in order... if you haven't done all of these things already... then come back and regale us with your road trip adventures (like dear Coffee-Black - peace to you, too, dear one! - did).

    Welcome back, dear one!

    YOUR servant, sister, and fellow slave of Christ,

    SA, who's gotta log off due to drug-induced grogs, but will be back for a bit tomorrow...

  • shepherd

    I always wonder about the tagline 'slave of Christ' - as if Christ would have slaves.............and in what way are you tec's servant? Very silly language when you think about it....

    Unless you are Tec's sub :))))))

  • tec

    I missed you, Shelby, my sister. Thanks for the mini-update! I'll get a bit caught up over the weekend, and try to post about my vacation (with pics) this week. (as long as I can figure out how to upload and download everything right) I did unpack and organize already though... I was in the mode :)

    Hope you're doing okay (regarding the need for drugs)? Have a good sleep!

    Great love and peace to you,


  • tec

    .and in what way are you tec's servant?

    Coffee, tea, breakfast in bed, manicures and pedicures... you know, the usual... (j/k)

    Shelby is my sister, in Christ.



  • nugget

    hope you had a lovely time nice to see you back.

  • The Quiet One
  • watersprout

    YEY TAMMY IS BACK *Does a little dance*

    Hell yeah I missed you! Glad you have a lovely holiday and got back safely.


  • dm6

    hello, im darren,


  • transhuman68

    (Waves to tec)

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