The anger returns

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  • EmptyInside

    I'm really sorry about your sister.

    But,I was just sitting here thinking to myself,yeah I do that sometimes,lol,even when I was an active Witness,I felt shunned. Witnesses are so busy in the cycle of meetings,service,conventions,assemblies,plus all their other responsibilities,they don't have much time left for anything or anybody else.

    It's an out of sight,out of mind mentality.

    But,I know,she is your sister,and she should check up on you at least every once in awhile.

    But,if it makes you feel any better,my family hardly talks to me,and they still think I'm in good standing ,so what does that tell you.

  • mamalove

    Thanks for letting me vent and not gettin all crazy since I used some poor choices for words. Yeah, it still pisses me off. I think I am most bothered and feel bad for my dad. He is such a great guy, and he misses my sister too. (He is also of the shunned crowd).

    When I said I wished something bad would happen, I should have said that I know my sister's psyche and makeup, and I do not think she will ever emerge out of the fold unless a life changing event happens to her. Usually it is something big to make someone wake up.

    I miss a lot of you here, I can't get on at work anymore as I got a new job and I usually surf on my lunch if I stay in, but I sit in a well traveled area, so there is no way I can get any privacy.

    I need to catch up and see what you all have been up to!!!

  • nugget

    I know where you are coming from . My sister cut me off from the moment I told her what was happening and then tried to get others to do the same. I am so upset with her attitude from time to time. I feel it would be nice to let it go but it just hurts when I think about what we shared growing up and how easy it is to forgotten. Like you I hope she wakes up although I also appreciate that she may have a lot more guilt to carry if she does.

  • Ding

    Sorry to hear so many stories of people with relatives who put the borg over family.

    Not surprising, but really sad...

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