Identifying God and true religion

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  • Terry

    Terry, may I share this on my facebook wall? I promise to give you the credit and provide a link here.

    Did you post this also on You should if you have not done so. I can link there from my facebook post if you did.

    I want everybody here to understand that my friend, Dub Horn, the former Baptist preacher with the missing leg, is the prime mover in Rehab Hospital visitations. I deserve no accolades whatsoever. He put it together and it is his kindess, sweetness and concern for giving and sharing that I am in awe of. I'm LEARNING. I'm a dumbfounded, awe-struck observer. I want to be able to function in the way Dub so easily carries out his visitation.

    So, sure--post whatever you like--but, please don't mention me as being key to any of this. It is Dub! I pick him at his house, drive him there, get him up to the 3rd floor, set up his CD player and step back into the shadows to observe and study what he does; to listen, observe and to report it to others. I'm mostly a conduit for Dub's loving kindness.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Terry, did you get my PM?

  • Terry

    Terry, did you get my PM?

    YES! Just a few minutes ago I checked the messages and found it. I sent a reply to your e-mail.

    The "message" system here doesn't change color or beep or explode to let dullards like me know there is something to investigate! :)

  • shechaiyah

    How we treat each other is so much more meaningful and valuable--

    than WHO KNOWS WHAT, more (correct information) than whom.


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