Identifying God and true religion

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  • garyneal

    Good deal Terry, could not have said it better myself.

  • Terry

    I came from such a healthy family we all had an attitude of superiority about it. And that brought with it a corollary: the infirm are not "our kind".

    I've had a horror of illness in others, to be frank with you.

    You know how you'll see somebody with something simply "wrong" with them and you'll instantly cut your eyes away and make them "invisible"?

    That's me my whole life. They aren't there...because I didn't want them to be.

    And is what happens while you're making other plans!

    I met this old ex-Baptist preacher who is sort of "renegade" now. He doesn't bother with doctrine and preaching and orthodoxy. He's into something so radical

    there probably isn't a technical name for it. Oh, maybe one: Dub knows how to love people. Yeah. That 4 letter word!

    He asked me to drive him to the local Rehab for sharing time.

    I agreed, went, observed and was knocked out by what I saw.

    Sometimes the most profound things are so damned simple you wonder why we have to make it be hard!

    Dub loves people. it shows. They feel it. They respond.

    The people he does this with are victims of old age, stroke, disease, accident--whatever--they are alone and they aren't getting any better. A great many cannot communicate at all. They are like houseplants!

    Well, Dub "waters" them and their "leaves" perk up and turn ever so slowly toward Dub's light. He'd tell you the light is God.

    Whose God? How big? Big enough to hold the hand of an elderly, withered lady whose body, neck and head swivel spasmodically night and day.

    He simply talks to her with cheer and compassion like you'd talk to the healthiest soul you ever meet.

    It is medicine. It is oil on troubled waters. it is love. It is God.

    I have seen the beautiful simplicity.

    I "got it". This is where IT is. What is IT?

    What are you looking for that you cannot find in books, magazines and religious arguments or on bended knees in earnest prayer?

    It is 'there".

    You reach out. You give.

    What you get!

  • moshe

    Terry, Thank you for your profound observations. W,ant to get JWs to change the subject real fast? Do a comparison - JWs vs/ Mother Teresa. JWs really can't bring up any charity work that compared to what she did- so if Catholics are bad and can do this charity work, why can't JWs do something better?

    Mother Teresa, 1979 Noble Peace prize

  • shechaiyah

    There are jobs that nobody wants.

    Nurses' aid or orderly in a hospital, Salvation Army recruit, garbage collector, military chaplain. Whistleblower.

    Somebody needs to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, to dig up dirt and corruption.

    Truth-telling is a cursed job; this is why prophets usually got killed for speaking out; killed or outed.

    God has His own way of honoring those who do the "dirty-work" nobody else wants.

    I have no complaints in this regard.


  • LV101

    Terry - WOW, what an example you are!! what a reality lesson and makes me feel awful not arranging my life to really reach out & help others. Just caring for aged family members (which has inundated me lately --- and not because they deserve it --- and hired help can only do so much), doesn't really count the way you are going to the desperate souls, strangers at that. It's so easy to think about what the self desires and forget about those less fortunate. Your post has hit me in the head. what a pathetic society we are to the aging, sick and lonely --- all the disadvantaged.

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    What a touching and beautiful thread to come back to, Terry.

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    Terry, may I share this on my facebook wall? I promise to give you the credit and provide a link here.

    Did you post this also on You should if you have not done so. I can link there from my facebook post if you did.

  • JamesThomas

    Loved your posts, Terry. Your words point to something very beautiful within us all that is not dependent on outer form or condition; and when it sees itself in others, there is a nonjudgmental sweetness in this meeting.

    Thank you for your posts.

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