i think i might return to the WTS

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  • dm6

    Hello everyone. Man im so drained right now and tired i cant say a whole lot.

    but you know, i was thinking about going back to them and just to see a bit more about it all.

    i dont know to be very honest with you if its thr right thing to do or not on a PERSONAL level.

    i guess i need to mull things over.

    Any suggestions from previous JW's would be AWESOME for me. i only studied for a year (last year) and now its always in my mind. Maybe im still indoctrinated. who knows, but its there, and i wonder sometimes if maybe they are right. but whatever happens, i am NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT being told what to do.

    to brief you very very extremely quickly, i am a person who is NOT told what to do. this is my problem....or this my pro (con)

    who knows, but i dont like being told what to do, and from what i rread, the WTS is a very controlling religion, and i again repeat i am NOT being told what i can or cant do!

    EG if i want to smoke, i will smoke.

    (just an example, lets not all emphasisze over that)

    But anyway, more to the point, i would like to hear some points from some of you EX JW'S, as to what you beileve on a personal front.

    Many many many thanks.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    They claim that Jesus selected them in 1919 to be Jehovah's sole channel of communication.

    If it is true, what should you do?

    If it is false, what should you do?

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    What if they are RIGHT? Wouldn't it be FANTASTIC! After all, who doesn't want to live forever?...

    As someone who has studied for a year these will be questions and points you have not been able to thrash out fully. So you likely have unfinished business in your mind and this is unsettling for you.

    Even born ins like me who have spent their whole lives believing the JWs were the only true religion and has THE TRUTH, who have since found the errors, the lies, the deliberate suppression of facts that expose the WTS for what it is, ...just another MIND CONTROL CULT, ....even we at times STILL have these very same thoughts from time to time. What if..., maybe, ...

    A cool analysis of the facts is the only way to know. For me it is 607 - 1914. It's bunk and cannot be proved true.

    Only a careful study of the facts will reveal something to be TRUTH.

  • punkofnice
    and i again repeat i am NOT being told what i can or cant do!

    Well, good luck with that one then my young friend.

    If you go back and don't obey the man made laws of the GB you'll soon get sat in a corner and shunned then treated like filth.....it matters NOT if you are baptized or not.....if you don't fit in you'll get the cold shoulder. Be prepared to be gossiped about by Jehovah's 'loving' people.

    Ultimately the desicion is yours. I think going back would be mentally dangerous to you having been an elder and 'in' many years!

    Perhaps revisit JWFacts and have another read? http://www.jwfacts.com/

    Just saying..............Unky Punky

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Im certainly not going to tell you what to do, however youd better get used to it if you go back to them. They are all about CONTROL. If you are searching because you feel you need spirituality in your life, why not give other churches/groups a try?

    In my experience, going back is detrimental and will leave you more confused than ever.

    I cant remember who posted this quote, nor who origonally wrote it, however, its something I think about a lot.........


  • sizemik

    Hi Darren . . .

    It's not uncommon to suffer from a bit of "Armageddon Syndrome" . . . When we hear bad news on a daily basis, we can begin to wonder what it all means . . . and look for an explanantion for it all. Remember though . . . truckloads of bad news is only a feature of the modern technological age. We're constantly being fed on it.

    Back in the 12th century, Ghengis Khan and his immediate descendents had marched from East Asia, through Central Asia and China, clear across to Eastern Europe slaughtering civilian populations as they went. The rise of the Ottoman Empire in the 14th and 15th centuries involved similar scenarios as it expanded. In later Centuries many colonial wars were fought in almost every continent . . . bloody battles were fought and many died. You see . . . today is just a reflection of the same old shit when it comes to human conflict . . . it's always been there from time immemorial.

    About 1900 years ago Lake Taupo exploded and sent a pyroclastic cloud of super-heated material 5000 feet high and travelling at over 200 mph in several directions . . . all the way to the West Coast of the NI. It still stands as the greatest release of seizmic energy in the last 5000 years. Along the edge of the Tarawera range in western Wairarapa Tsunami debris has been found. For material to make it that far inland required a wave of over 50 meters travelling at 100 mph when it made landfall. It's almost certain the earth has been struck by large asteroids or comets in the past, that have drastically changed the nature of things.

    You see where I'm coming from? Imagine being around when something like that happened. These things can only take on greater significance when they become attached to something mystical . . . like Bible Prophecy . . . otherwise they are nothing new.

    Do you believe that the world was once entirely covered by water? And humans and animals survived by floating around in a little wooden boat? People living for 900 years . . . and conversing with snakes? Parting the ocean? . . . stopping the sun? . . . losing super-human strength after a haircut? . . . food falling from the sky? . . . angels coming to earth for a shag?

    They sound a lot more like fairy stories don't they?

    Do some reading Darren . . . with a blank page in front of you . . . and do some thinking my friend.

    Whatever you do, you don't want to expose yourself to further disappointment. Seek the real "truth" about the history of these things . . . including religion . . . rather than take in a single narrow version of it.

    Whatever you do with your life from here . . . you don't want to waste it.

    Cheers brother.

    EDIT: Nice appropriate quote Paula . . . A Einstein I believe.

  • the-illuminator81

    Going back to the society might be comfortable. You no longer have to think for yourself, if you have to make a hard decision you can ask an elder or study the literature to see what you must do. But do you really want to live like that?

    You are not someone who likes being told what to do, but this is what 99% of organized religion is about, being told what to do. You might even end up thinking you are still doing exactly what you want, but in reality doing exactly what the governing body wants. And the watchtower society is not like most religion, it's a lot worse in this aspect. So going back might be like playing with fire, a bad idea and dangerous for your health.

  • undercover
    i was thinking about going back to them and just to see a bit more about it all.
    but whatever happens, i am NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT being told what to do.

    You won't last long then...if you stick to your second statement. But - if you're susceptible to their love-bombing and propaganda, you may think you're just going back to check it out a bit more, but you may find yourseld sucked in and obeying all their little rules that you previously would not have...all in the name of serving Jehovah.

    i would like to hear some points from some of you EX JW'S, as to what you beileve on a personal front.

    It's not so much what we "believe" as what we "know". We've gone from believing the WT dogma to knowing that it's all BS. But to come to know this, you have to do some research and study. Not WT style, but real world research. We can't tell you what to believe. We can tell you what we know, but even that you can't take our word for. You need to verify what we tell you just as much as what the WTS tells you. Only then can you "know" for yourself if the WTS/JWs are the true religion or just another quasi-cult, looking to convert you for their own end use.

  • Mary
    and i again repeat i am NOT being told what i can or cant do! if i want to smoke, i will smoke.

    Yes, and you will then find yourself sitting in front of a 3-man kangaroo court where they can and will disfellowship you. Make no mistake sweetie: This cult can and does tell you exactly what you can and cannot do. It is not run on a democracy and the only Right you have is to obey whatever insanity trickles down from the 6th floor at Crooklyn Bethel.

    And trust us----they are not right. This site has been here for just over a decade and we've discussed, examined and dissected their doctrines and shown beyond any doubt that 99% of what they teach has been twisted to suit their own agenda. I understand that it can still have a pull at the heart strings. After all, who wouldn't like to see evil done away with on this earth? Who wouldn't like to see an end to suffering and live in a world where you never have to worry about locking your doors, or be afraid to leave your kids alone with someone who might abuse them? Hey, I was always looking forward to having a pet lion in the New System.......guess what? It ain't gonna happen.

    You can either spend your live waiting for something that is never going to happen or you can make something of yourself now. It's up to you.

  • nugget

    What is it you are looking for? You need to answer that question first. You say that you do not like being told what to do, but that is what religion is all about. Most religions have a set of rules and there is an expectation that adherents will follow them. JWs have more rules than most and they will tell you that obediance is worthwhile because they have the truth.

    Truth is non negotiable something is either true or it is a lie. There is no room for error, there can be no mistakes or adjustments. The problem with the organisation is that they do not hold to one truth they modify, adapt, disregard and change what truth is. What was true when I was first taught the doctrines has changed. Take time to learn before making a change, learn about the religion and learn about yourself and what you want from life.

    You are a grown up and make decisions for yourself on this but make sure they are informed otherwise it is not really a choice merely a reaction.

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