JW- Out of brooklyn by 1/1/14???

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  • lrkr

    It appears that the residents of Brooklyn Heights have figured out a win-win. WT moves out. WT buildings are converted to residences. Piers get made into a park. WT makes lots more money from sale of buildings!!! Has to happen by 1/1/14


  • whereami

    They'll use it as a sign of the end.

    Only the WTS knows how to spin stuff like this.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Well, the acronym "BORG" will have to change from "Brooklyn ORGanization" to "Bumbling ORGanization." Unless we just want to call them a-holes.

  • mrquik

    A-holes works for me. I'm hoping that east coast sunami wipes them all out before they sell. Unfortunately, that would make Wallkill oceanfront property. Another miracle!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I want to get on a waiting list immediately! Several friends lived in Brooklyn Heights- apts. are worth millions ---and I worked in the next neighborhood. LOcal people despise them. For those who have never visited Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights ambiance, what makes it so unique in a world class city, and the WTBTS are worse than oil and vinegar.

    I've watched as shifts change at the factory. Suddenly, the neighborhood is flooded with thousands of robots. Nothing else is of the same scale. Neighbors offered to supply them with fresh flowers so the neighborhood would not look so tawdry. People don't pay to live in Brooklyn Heights to do tawdry. The WT stuck by their vinyl flowers. Evidently, they were very arrogant to the nieghbors. People thought flowers were a neutral topic.

    I want to attend all the block parties when they finally leave.

    I found Brooklyn Heights to be far more Greenwich Village than the Village. It is restrained. Almost paradise.

  • cptkirk

    the world is going to end in 2012 though...so you have to remember, the society is only making plans for their establishment in the new system...not this system. that always works as a good exuse to indulge in decadence doesn't it. i may use that myself....hey that's good, whenever anyone complains about wealthy brothers and sisters, they should just respond 'oh no no no, i am just getting started on the new system'. DONT EVER IMPLY THAT I AM A LESSER SPIRITUAL AGENT AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!!!! lol LOVE BABY LOVE, ITS UBIQUITOUS IN THE ORGAnIZATION OF TRUE GOD!

  • Gayle

    Will this involve all Brooklyn Watchtower buildings or some? How many are there now yet? I think at one time there were 30. Guess Armageddon isn't coming before then, because Jehovah will want all that money.

  • lrkr

    Oh yes- Brooklyn Heights will really blossom then. It is such a great neighborhood. The "bots" definately have a negative impact. My prediction- Wt will become an even more closeted, backwoods religion. No matter how hard you try- you cant see the real world past the walls of Patterson and the cornfields of Wallkill.

  • lrkr

    Cool!! I even drew out a 2012 end-timer!!

    I must be improving as a poster!

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Yeah once the R&F hear they leaving it will be a re-re-re-re squared enforcement of how close the end is and how the FD$ must know something to be leaving brooklyn.

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