2011 DC Friday Keynote Address - Who are Preaching the "Good News Of The Kingdom"

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  • clearpoison

    It sounds like he has been to some rock/pop concert. "I can't hear you"


  • TotallyADD

    Although I was not at a DC this year the last elder school I went to used the same tactic in asking the elders do they believe in the GB. Everybody shouted yes and applauded. That scared me to death. All I could think of this is a cult, this is a cult, this is a cult. Serveral weeks later I step down as a elder. This must be the new thing the WT cult is using. Totally ADD

  • factfinder
  • factfinder

    @don'tplaceliterature- I would have been very embarressed if I was there.

    @Grouper- very good points. And think too, of all of the billions of mags, books, tracts and brochures the witnesses have printed and placed over the years- in hundreds of languages- yet still most people don't know what witnesses believe, what they teach about God's Kingdom and who Jehovah really is. Very innefective "Kingdom-Preaching".

  • metatron

    Two thoughts about this:

    1) if this talk was not reproduced that way in other places, then he may get into a little trouble. These talk may be monitored , word for word, by Bethel reps. They may get irked if you go off on your own.

    2) The Gospels proclaim that the are 'the good news', Therefore, any religion that publishes or promulgates the Bible is preaching the good news.


  • kazar

    OMG WTWizard: Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery !!! That title is too funny!!! Can't stop laughing.

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    They didn't do the JW unison response at our DC, thank the flying spaghetti monster. However, I was turned off by the condescending tone of talk. Our speaker used various mocking voices when citing "Christendom's" beliefs and intentions. He stopped at one point to address the sarcastic tone by saying, "We don't use this tone to attack people, we use it attack the IDEAS that Satan is feeding to these people." Then, he picked right back up with the funny voices.

    I don't know what message was worse. The "JWs are superior in thought and action to every other religion on the earth," or, "Every other religion on earth is being spoonfed garbage by Satan the Devil. Therefore, they are incapable of doing anything good."

  • WTWizard

    I have some bad news for those witlesses that think they are the only ones that use Jehovah's name. There are Presbyterean denominations that also use that name.

  • MrFreeze

    Oulaw always brings out that Harold Camping reached more people in three months than the WT has reached in 130 years.

  • Violia

    they told us in HS not to attend Pep rallies and here they have one at the DC

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