Famous atheists explain why they don't believe

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    Thanks behemot, a wonderful and powerful collection of testimonies from some of the leading thinkers of our time.

  • scotoma

    I have one simple requirement for the existence of a supernatural entity.

    As a good father he ought to say something to his children once in a while. I would even settle for a jr. god or common ordinary extraterristial that could speak and do something unambiguous that indicates they have extraordinary power.


    So why go through the motions of talking to Nothing. (worship)

  • Nickolas

    Thank you, behemot. There are some treasures there. I was particularly interested in Stephen Hawking's comment, within the context of the subject line:

    I am not claiming there is no God. The scientific account is complete, but it does not predict human behaviour, because there are too many equations to solve. One therefore uses a different model, which can include free will and God.
  • cantleave

    Awesome!!!! Thank You

  • ziddina

    Well, that was fun...

    Thanks for posting that link!! Most fun I've had in a while!!


  • ballistic

    So to start with we have space and time, within it, particles which come together as atoms. The combination of space, time and atoms makes life possible and evolution. So we evolved, and we are curious creatures who look for meaning in everything we experience, and so our very being in existance needs to have a meaning and we ask why. Unfortunately there is nothing known to us in the universe which isn't the result of it's own development, no hidden clues (some would argue the bible) but no looking through telescopes or microscopes is going to make you see anything before the big bang or at the end of time. And not being able to peer out of space and time, is why we probably never will be able to tell if there is a god or not.

    I didn't read all of the atheists answers, but no one really mentioned our inability to know the answer in this way.

  • ballistic

    oh god, just realised in 4 days I've been on this web site a decade!

  • Nickolas

    Time flies when you're having fun, ballistic. You have seniority, at least. There's some legitimacy in that.

  • ballistic

    I hope you are not implying I'm like a "senior citizen" ahem. ;)

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