JWs came to my door asking for deaf people

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    JWs are almost all good hearted people who think they are kind and loving. Those who are part of the sign language congregations and groups are among the most sincere JWs that exist. The majority are hearing and volunteer to learn the language because they truly want to help people. But "the truth" simply isn't.

    "JWs are the only organization in the world, ..."

    This is where you're wrong. The Watchtower is the organization. JWs are the victims of the organization, the captives of its concept, the prisoners within their own minds, the slaves of "the slave."

    Jehovah's Witnesses in foreign language groups and congregations are among the hardest-working for Watchtower interests. It is especially tragic, because they take advantage of the loneliness inherent in being a member of a linguistic minority in society while they truly believe they're helping those Deaf people learn "the truth." But as I said above, "the truth" is not.

    "my husband comes from a deff family in america and he went to deaf meetings and most were deaf not just a few all exept a few"

    This simply is not the case in any American Sign Language congregation. Even the long-established ASL congregations like New York and Washington are, at best, no more than 40% Deaf, and I'm being VERY liberal with that number.

  • Elsewhere

    You missed a golden opportunity for an awsome joke:

    JW: Hello, blah blah blah blah... are there any deaf people in the household?

    You: What?

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