JWs came to my door asking for deaf people

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    Mad Sweeney

    Barbara Anderson published a pretty in-depth article on the topic a few months ago:


    Going door-to-door is one of the ways those in ASL congregations compile their "territory" list of Deaf and hard of hearing people. It is a major focus of the Borg in the USA and has been for over a decade now. It is also at the root of many Kingdom Hall remodeling projects.

    Scott77 makes some excellent points. Deaf in ASL congregations have grown, though. I would suggest that some of the long-established ASL congregations are 10-15% deaf or more. The newer congregations have much lower percentages of deaf, though. And the type of people that are converting in the Deaf community are the same sorts that often convert in the hearing English community: disenfranchised people who have other issues and are succeptible to love-bombing. I had never known a single individual who was socially active in the Deaf community to convert and join the JWs; it is always people on the margins of society. That's with more than 20 years of experience in Borg ASL.

  • Perry

    The blind leading the deaf.

  • Scott77

    Perry, good point.

  • sizemik
    The blind leading the deaf.

    I hate to sound callous . . . but does that make them deaf, dumb and blind?

  • jefferyjones

    i think i can put two and two together for you. since you lack ability.

    JWs are the only organization in the world, religious or otherwise, that puts forth effort to help people freely in their own language, in hundreds of languages!

    so there are many congregations for those different languages and obviously they aren't going to focus on you because you speak english and there's thousands of congregations already equipped to serve the english speaking community. those two ladies, if they were witnesses, were focused on the deaf community. it's call organization.

    JWs don't target deaf people or any other group. they target everyone! oh no! lol so you can go to japan and rest assured that someone from an english speaking congregation will be calling on you soon. that's what happens when holy spirit is at work, God's will gets accomplished.

    so don't think that you can go anywhere in this small world and get away from God's people! you can easily get away from any other church tho cuz they don't care about you enough to seek you out.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    You are so full of WT myths it isn't funny. Other religions have been sending missionaries to other countries for hundreds of years. And that required that they learn the languages of those people

    True they target everyone but even when I was a JW 25 years ago they were specifically going out and looking for Spanish speaking people or Italian or the deaf or Asian or any other minority group. If the desired foreign language person was not there they would make a hasty retreat. I know they did this. They came to my house looking for Greek speaking people. And I went with the deaf in service looking for deaf people. (I was one of the interpreters)

    As for them coming to my door. I love it when they do because I give them an honest perspective of my experience with the JWs. JWs don't like the truth when it doesn't suit them. They rarely come back.

    As for them coming to my door. I have been here for 6 years and they still haven't found me. Thank Goodness

  • Violia

    I am aware of at least one jws couple that appear to target the elderly/ their Bible studies getting them to sign over their property to the wts or give them special gifts , for help they give them like paying bills , taking them to the doctor etc. that would be OK I guess if upfront the elderly or bible study knew there would be a charge for those services. Presenting yourselves as Christians who are just assisting the elderly and others is deceptive when they are really just vultures hoping to get something from these folks. Many older folks children don't realize the jws study with their parents and a lot of elderly /disabled will allow a study just b/c they are lonely.

    from south park as they say " bastards"

    Jeffery, where I live there are churches who will give you food and other help. Never saw one jws outreach to anyone. the salvation army is famous for their help to others so don't come on here and tell me that jws give a rats a** about anyone but themselves or protecting "mother"

  • serein

    my husband comes from a deff family in america and he went to deaf meetings and most were deaf not just a few all exept a few,theres loads of deaf congs,and they know diff from anyother jw just cant hear thats it,so waht if they are only looking for deff people at the doors they are looking for anyone thats willing to listen,theres loads of deff jws in america i dont know about uk,and if they deff or hard of hearing they would ask at door if anyone else was also makes it easyer for em to talk if thers some one same,

  • serein

    and as for all diff religions missionarys and all yep all religions preach what they beleive to be true to help the person they are preaching to ,they arnt doing it vindictivly to gain money or what ever,so every one on here whos gone out on the min were thinkink nastyly and saying im gona hook some one today get em in the culd ha ha ha ,you all full of crap,the jws do what they think they need to do and some eventualy look deep and cos they spiritualy true to god most leave for that reason but the true ones arnt vindictive towards there sis and bros even if they ar to them,becouse they know the truth and are sad for thoes being led by men and not god, most on here were once jws going out on the min, so who were you looking for were u looking for people who wanted a life change who wanted god in ther lifes and needed to learn about him or were you going out with intent to capture a poor old soul for there money to be given to watch tower when they die ha ha ha or to capture a family so it ups the numbers or what ever else, no you were doing it cos you felt they needed your help to find the truth which you also thought you had,im not goint to knock anyone who thinks they are doing the right thing no matter what religion they are cos they actualy think they are doing the right thing by preaching the good news, to deaf to all kinds to all walks of life,and if a wit asked me if i new were a deff person lived id say yes but befor i tell you il just ask them if its ok to give there adress to you first,then its up to that deff person if they want to listen then isnt it,jws arnt bad they are just blind to real truths,id go back if theyd stop judging and id go back if they stoped shunning, you lot judge to much also the people u once were yourselfs in the past i dont care anymore cos i know they are mostly kind people who thinkn they are doing what they are suposed to like i once did,

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